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Semi Permanent Makeup Glasgow

Providing exceptional semi permanent makeup in Glasgow, Ever Clinic are the best doctor led clinic in Scotland. Brows are the most popular procedure for any semi-permanent makeup artist, however there are other procedures available; lips and eyeliner to name a few.

Ever Clinic’s Nicola is a highly regarded SMPU. She has an eye for what each clients perfect brow should look like. Semi-permanent makeup is a combination of exceptional technique and artistry.. Being an artist allows Nicola to give you a SMPU result that is as beautiful and unique as you are.



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Semi Permanent Makeup Glasgow – FAQs

What is Semi-Permanent Make-up?

Here at Ever Clinic, we’re proud to provide Semi-Permanent Make-up in Glasgow. Perfect for those patients who want to shave time off regular beauty routines and check-ups, this type of treatment works by inserting micropigments into the skin that lasts for a sustained period of time.

As the name suggests, it is semi-permanent. Treatments normally last for full effect from anywhere from 1 to 3 years. depending on the specific treatment used and area worked on. The types of treatments we provide include semi-permanent make-up for lips and eyeliners, just to name two. 


Is Semi-Permanent Make-up safe?

Yes. Here at Ever Clinic, we reduce and minimise risk as much as possible so our patients have the best experience. Safety always comes first regardless of the type of procedure we’re performing. This means we’ll always make patients aware of the benefits, risk factors and any other important information needed to be shared.

With Semi-Permanent Make-up, no chemicals are used and the strictest hygiene practices are are always followed. Allergy tests will also be offered prior to your treatment to ensure your safety. Minerals and glycerine are the main elements used to perform this treatment which are regularly used and deemed to be perfectly safe (unless you have an allergy towards them).

What are the benefits of Semi-Permanent Make-up?

There are a wide range of benefits when you choose Semi-Permanent Make-up in Glasgow at Ever Clinic. As apposed to regular beauty routines and check-ups, you’ll get a long-lasting effect with this type of treatment which will be natural-looking and you’ll see the benefits straight away.

It will also help to give you a more confident look and feel about yourself. Furthermore, it will help to save time every morning. Instead of going through the stress of applying make-up, this treatment will save you hours and give you back your time your deserve.

Other benefits include:

  • Saving money on make-up.
  • Normally lasts between 1-3 years.
  • Stays on all day and night.
  • Helps to make you look & feel younger.
  • Natural looking.
Will the end result look natural?

If you’re looking for natural-looking results that last, Semi-Permanent treatments in Glasgow could be for you. If you’re open to taking expert advice from Nicola – our SMPU specialist at Ever Clinic – then you will see the the fantastic benefits in abundance.

In order to get the accurate and natural look for each individual, we will put together a treatment plan that’s tailored towards your needs and requirements. Choosing the right pigment to match the colour of your skin is an imperative action towards helping the treatment look as natural as it possibly can be.


What can Semi-Permanent Make-up be used for?

Semi Permanent Make-up can be used to enhance and improve eyes, brows, lips and other facial features. This type of treatment can be use procedures including eye liner and eyelash enhancement and for improving lip definition. Semi-Permanent Make-up is a proven procedure that simply works and improves complexion without the constant stress and maintenance of manual application.


“Danielle is absolutely amazing she was so patient and made me feel very relaxed. The results are fabulous, love my lips so much! I’d definitely recommend to anyone looking to have them done”.


I recently visited the clinic for the first time and found the staff and service to be extremely efficient and professional.

I was unsure if I was going to proceed with the treatment, but after a consultation with Dr Cormac I could see what a personalised treatment plan he had in mind, this immediately put my mind at rest.
I am delighted with the results and I definitely feel more confident now.”


”An amazing, friendly clinic. The staff are really welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. I can’t fault anything, from my initial enquiry by phone to my visit at the clinic, the whole experience was fantastic.”


”DR Cormac is very knowledgeable and amazing at his job wouldn’t trust anybody else cant wait to get back.”