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Ever Clinic proudly stocks Dr Baumann skincare, the only skin identical skincare line in the world. 

Most important to the development of the products was a focus on health and skincare standards, such as compatibility and effectiveness. This required the identification and removal of substances which can have a negative impact on the skin. 

 Since the beginning, our founders had a clear concept, which has proven to be ideal: the doctor and naturopath provides knowledge on what is best for the skin and the cosmetic chemist turns this knowledge into appropriate products in the lab.

After establishing which substances should be done away with for proper skin care and health reasons, and identifying the ingredients and active substances that offer the best compatibility, have a positive effect on the skin and which are found naturally in the body and the skin came the breakthrough: Dr. Baumann Skincare 

 Dr Baumann Skincare could present the world’s first and only skincare line consisting exclusively of natural substances and vitamins: Dr. Baumann  


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