Skin Tag Removal

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Skin Tag Removal Glasgow

At the Ever Clinic, we recommend that skin tags are properly assessed to ensure:

  • A medical diagnosis is made
  • A professional assessment is undertaken to inform how best to remove them

How do skin tags affect people?

There is no health issue associated with skin tags but they can:

  • Be unsightly
  • Hurt or bled if they catch on clothing or jewellery
  • Cause difficulties when shaving

How are skin tags removed?

  • Anaesthetic is applied either as a cream or small injection
  • The tags are removed quite simply and with virtually no discomfort

What treatment is used?

  • They may be removed by ‘snip’ or ‘shave’ excision using a minor surgery kit
  • They may also be removed using a ‘hyfrecator’ which uses electricity to quickly dehydrate the skin tags (the skin tags fall off a few days later)

What happens afterwards?

  • A small white scar will remain after treatment
  • The skin tags are removed permanently but others may grow

Skin tags are small brown or skin-coloured growths on the skin. The range in size form a few millimeters to a few centimetres and protrude from the skin.

Skin tags are often incorrectly diagnosed as warts. They usually occur on areas where the skin rubs a lot. Eg. Neck, armpits, groin or eyelids


Consultation £50

Removal of 1 £39

Removal 2-3 £69

Removal 4-6 £99


*very large singular skin tags are charged at £119