Skin Health

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Skin Health

Sadly, as we age, our skin ages with us. It is, in fact, genetically programmed to so this. Called Intrinsic Ageing, this is really outwith our control. But if we are lucky enough to have good genes, we will tend to age favorably.

Extrinsic Ageing is the skin ageing that we do have some control over. This relates mainly to UV exposure or photoageing, but also includes exposure to cigarette smoke and other environmental pollutants. Obviously if we use take appropriate care of our skin, we will suffer less extrinsic ageing.

It is worth noting that healthy skin has the following features:

  • Smooth
  • Even in colour and tone
  • Firm and tight
  • Hydrated
  • Tolerant
  • Free of disease

Management of skin health starts with protection, continues with treating any skin conditions and then considers strategies for rejuvenation or reversal of age-related changes. Options are wide-ranging and includes creams, skin-peels, microneedling, laser therapies, plasma energy and cellular-regenerative therapies (eg. PRP).