Scottish laser specialist becomes the first facility in the country to offer game-changing treatment

Ever Clinic, Scotland’s leading skin, scarring and anti-aging centre, has become the first clinic in the country to be able to offer the use of a Lutronic PicoPlus system.
The award-winning Glasgow-based clinic has just invested £144,000 in the acquisition of the system, which is the gold standard for tattoo removal and has achieved stellar results internationally in pigmentation treatment.

As the only facility in Scotland providing the industry-leading service, Ever Clinic expects to take a major share of the tattoo removal market, which is growing rapidly. The market is driven by tattoo regret, awareness of new treatments and changing employment policies.

Ever Clinic expects its most recent investment to increase turnover, predicted at £1.6 million this year, by at least £150,000, with multiples thereof in succeeding years.

Ever Clinic Co-founder and Managing Director Jonathan Toye said: “The Lutronic PicoPlus is the best system in the world for erasing unwanted pigmentation, including tattoo ink, and brightening and rejuvenating ageing skin. “It is incredibly fast. It delivers energy in trillionths of a second and it means that, in the course of just one session, we will be able to achieve results which previously would have taken four treatments spread out over four months.

“The size of the handpiece allows you to treat any kind of tattoo even if there is scarring and inflammatory acne with all around faster healing times than any other device on the market. “It has minimal thermal impact, and patients report little discomfort – just a warming sensation and a light prickling on their skin.

“Ultra-short energy pulses shatter the unwanted pigmentation, which is then absorbed and removed by the body’s normal processes.”

Caroline Abrego, the UK-based Senior Director of International Marketing at Lutronic, said: “The PicoPlus offers the best of both worlds – the safety and efficacy of a nanosecond laser and the improved performance and outcomes of a picosecond laser.

“We have been partnering with aesthetics professionals around the world for many years now and we are very pleased to be able to welcome a facility of Ever Clinic’s calibre and reputation into the Lutronic family.”

As well as rapid removal of both black and coloured tattoos, the PicoPlus laser is also effective in dealing with pigmentation issues, melasma and nerves spilus.

Mr Toye, along with Ever Clinic’s Co-founder and Medical Director Dr Cormac Convery, Aesthetician Nicola Thomson and Dr Paige Shaw trained on the system in Paris. Now, having just returned from intensive training on the Lutronic system they are looking forward to putting it into operation in Scotland. The new acquisition further enhances Ever Clinic’s reputation for laser expertise.

It comes on top of investment last year of £250,000 in top-of-the-range surgical grade lasers such as Sciton Joule X and Lumenis Ultrapulse. The technology equipped the clinic with the capacity to successfully undertake life-changing fully ablative laser restructuring. Established just six years ago, Ever Clinic is on track to become the country’s largest facility of its kind within the next five years.