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Rhinophyma affects the nose and is a skin condition. There is an increase in skin thickness and enlargement of oil glands on the nose as well. While the skin usually has its natural colour, the presence of large blood vessels can give the nose a red appearance.

You may see vessels that are red or purple. This results in a very grotesque appearance since the nose is usually bulbous and pitted. There can be functional breathing challenges in a number of particularly advanced cases. Rosacea and rhinophyma share many features.

A patient with Rhinophyma typically has an affected lower part of the nose, usually the tip and sides. Males are more likely to develop Rhinophyma.

In comparison to all other forms of treatment for rhinophyma, CO2 lasers are considered to be the gold standard. Other treatments are not as effective and may lead to less satisfactory results. Rhinophyma is no longer treated by the NHS unless it affects a patient’s breathing.

Ever Clinic are the only clinic outside of London who treat Rhinophyma with the appropriate surgical lasers. We use the Lumenis Ultrapulse, which is recognised as the most powerful CO2 laser in the world. The Ultrapulse typically costs in excess of £130k, while cheaper and underpowered aesthetic lasers typically cost around £30k.

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Rhinophyma: £3495

Consultation: £100

FAQ’s About Rhinophyma Treatment

What is the expected duration of this procedure?
This is a simple laser surgery procedure done on a day case basis. Patients will generally stay in the clinic for 3 hours or less.
What is the best way to treat rhinophyma?

It is preferable to use a powerful, short pulsed CO2 laser (Lumenis Ultrapulse CO2 is specifically designed for this application – it has the shortest pulse width and maximum power) instead of a fractional cosmetic CO2 laser. Due to overheating and insufficient vaporisation of the tissue, lower-powered lasers can cause burns, scarring, and pigmentation loss.

How should the Rhinophyma procedure be performed?

Local anaesthesia is used for the procedure. The nasal ring block technique completely numbs the nose. During his practice, Dr Cormac often uses anaesthetic gel to prepare the nose. The procedure is painless once the anaesthetic is applied. The CO2 laser will not cause any discomfort during the procedure.

The nose will be cleaned and prepared by Dr Cormac prior to applying the anaesthetic gel. A 40-minute period will be required for the application of the anaesthetic gel. A nasal anaesthetic ring block will be injected after the gel is removed.

Following complete numbing of the nose, Dr Cormac will use the CO2 laser to treat the problem. To begin with, the excess skin tissue will be removed. Depending on the amount of excess skin tissue, different methods may be utilized. With the laser, a lump or nodule that is large can be actually cut off. Debulking and removing excess tissue are usually achieved with the CO2 laser in continuous wave mode with high power output.

In order to restore the original shape of the nose, Dr Cormac will use a pulsed mode to sculpt and shape the remaining tissue. A controlled full ablation will then be performed on the rest of the nose, blending the skin and avoiding obvious scarring.

How many sessions are typically required?

Treatment for rhinophyma usually takes place in one sitting. If there are any remaining bridges of excess tissue, a supplementary session may be required for complex and larger rhinophymas.

In order to form a protective barrier over the nose, aquaphor cream or vaseline is applied following the treatment. The cream or vaseline must be applied for at least fourteen days. Throughout the next fourteen days, the aquaphor/vaseline will be applied twice daily to the nose as well as the rest of the face. By the end of 14 days, the skin of the nose will become functional and normal with a reddish/pink appearance. Recovery will be complete after 3 months with reduced redness.

Where are you based?

We are only based in Glasgow, but we do get visitors from other areas – these include areas such as Edinburgh Aberdeen, Fife, Stirling, Dundee and as far as Newcastle.

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