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Lipomas are non-cancerous and slow-growing fatty lumps which occur under the surface of the skin. They are typically found on the abdomen, neck, shoulders, arms or thighs but can occur anywhere. It is not uncommon for a person to have more than one lipoma on their body and seek treatment to remove these harmless growths. 

Dr Cormac provides all minor surgery at Ever Clinic in Glasgow after a detailed medical history is taken and consultation carried out. We also use Ultrasound, at no additional cost, to more accurately diagnose and measure depth, allowing a much more precise procedure.

It is uncommon for a lipoma to be sent off for testing, but will be if there is in anyway diagnostic uncertainty.

Ever Clinic operate Monday – Friday 10am until 6pm and carry out minor surgery, including lipoma removal, every day. It is unlikely you will receive better care or treatment elsewhere.


Lipoma Removal Consultation £50
Removal £800 per lipoma
Review appointments (not including stitch removal) £50

FAQ’s About Lipoma Removal At Ever Clinic

How will my lipoma be removed?

Lipomas are removed exclusively through surgical excision and under local anaesthetic at Ever Clinic Glasgow.

The small wound is closed using traditional methods (a mixture of sutures and/or skin glue.

How do I know if I have a Lipoma?

If your lump feels smooth and soft, like rubber or dough, and can be moved around underneath the skin, then it’s possible that it is a lipoma.

An ultrasound scan may help the diagnostic process, be useful to help  particularly it is large.

Ever Clinic can provide stand alone scans for £300.

Are Lipoma’s dangerous?

No, they are completely benign and do not require treatment unless causing a visual or other nuisance.

Liposarcoma is a very rare cancer which shares some similarities with a lipoma. Patients who apparently have a single Lipoma that is growing very quickly should seek specialist referral in the NHS via their GP.

At Ever Clinic we see the slow or non-growing and multiple lipomas and they are completely benign.

Why get Lipoma removal surgery?

Many people in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Fife and Stirling choose Ever Clinic to have their lipoma removed because it is large or in an obvious area that can have an impact on their confidence.

Can Lipoma Turn To Cancer?

The good news is that Lipomas are not cancerous. It is extremely rare that Lipomas will turn into cancerous Sarcoma. Lipomas are generally harmless, and is described as a fatty growth or lump residing beneath the skin. Lipomas often grow quite slowly and can feel doughy which you can move with your finger.


Can Lipomas just disappear?

Unfortunately no, surgical removal is the only option. Many people choose this option for cosmetic reasons. Lipomas are fat cells and cannot be shrunk with self-care. Even warm compresses will not work for Lipomas like they do for other skin lumps.

What is the main cause of lipoma?

A Lipoma can result from genetics, and the cause is not fully understood. Around 3% of people who have developed a Lipoma will have a family history. It is understood that Lipomas can grow in areas that have been impacted by an injury, although that is not always the case.

What happens if a lipoma is not removed?

If a Lipoma is not removed then it can cause problems with nearby tissue, nerves and blood vessels. They can be extremely uncomfortable and often painful if blood vessels run through it, or if it is pressing on a nearby nerve. They can also cause problems with muscle development if the Lipoma is lying deeply enough.

Is lipoma removal painful?

You should not feel any pain when undergoing Lipoma removal via Ever Clinic. We apply general anesthesia if the Lipoma is deep enough to eliminate any potential pain.

At what size should a lipoma be removed?

Lipomas are slow growing fatty lumps which might not cause any issues when they are in their infancy. Lipomas have the potential to grow, which can start causing issues further down the line. Upper extreme Lipomas measuring around 5cm in  dimension should be looked at by a skin specialist, which might results in the Lipoma being surgically removed due to malignant potential.

Do lipomas grow back after removal?

It is uncommon for Lipomas to grow back after surgical removal. However, due to genetics, another Lipoma could appear elsewhere on your body. If this is the case then get in touch with the team at Ever Clinic for a consultation.

What causes a lipoma to hurt?

Usually pressing or catching the Lipoma can cause pain or irritation. If disturbed, the growths can cause aching or burning effects that can be severe. This can cause more aggravation if the Lipoma is pressing on a nearby nerve. Lipoma pain or inflammation can differ depending on the person. With some people the pain comes and goes, with others it can be continuous.

What disease causes lipomas?

The only disease that is linked to Lipomas is called Dercum’s disease, which is a rare disorder that causes multiple fatty growths of fatty tissue all over the body. This fat tissue is also known as loose connective tissue, meaning that Dercum’s disease is a loose connective tissue disease.

Are lipomas caused by high cholesterol?

Although not directly connected, Lipomas are more common on people with high cholesterol. The more fat tissue on a person, the more likely a Lipoma is to develop.

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