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Tattoo Removal Glasgow

There’s two reasons we find our patients want their tattoo removed, either it was a good idea at the time and now it’s an embarrassment or the patient’s wants the tattoo faded in preparation for a cover up. Whatever the reason we at Ever Clinic are here to help.

Using only the most advanced laser from Cynosure, backed by a plethora of clinical evidence, you can be assured that we will be able to help you on your journey to your desired result. The team at Ever Clinic are some of the best trained in the industry, having undergone extensive study and post qualification training, as well as being medical practitioners, our team are fully capable for dealing with any and all situations. Not something other clinics offering the same services can claim.

Before and after images for laser tattoo removal

*Results may vary from person to person


Small (1-3cm x 1-3cm) £49
Medium (4-8cm X 4-8cm) £79
Large (9-15cm X 9-15cm) £109
XLarge (16-20cm X 16-20cm) £159
Additional £99 but has to be smaller than primary tattoo

Block booking discounts available