Periorbital/Under Eye Vein Surgery in Merchant City, Glasgow

Around the eyes, the skin is substantially thinner than the skin on the face. As such it has a certain translucency that allows our underlying anatomy to become more visible.

Large veins can be unsightly and difficult to treat but under specialist care from an expert in laser surgery, they can be be treated.

Intraocular shields are required for this particular specialist laser surgery, as incorrect safety precautions may cause permanent blindness or partial vision loss. As such, this procedure should only be carried out by someone with extensive experience in laser surgery and access to the proper equipment.

Ever Clinic’s Dr Cormac will exclusively use our Candela GMAX Pro, a long pulsed NdYAG 1060nm laser to treat this indication. Metal intraocular eyeshields can be necessary for this procedure as NdYAG is a, while extremely effective, dangerous wavelength if the operator is unfamiliar with lasers and has little to no experience.

Ever Clinic and Dr Cormac have been using NdYAG and other lasers for years and have trained under the worlds best laser surgeons, and is now considered an expert amongst his peers. Dr Cormac recently spoke on the use of lasers at the Sciton international Rockstar Experience in London where only the best laser surgeons present on their cases. He is scheduled for more speaking engagements to share his experience and expertise.

Periorbital/Under Eye Veins are typically a two session treatment. This is to ensure optimum safety, as over treating can cause additional damage.



PRICE – £500 per eye

Why Ever Clinic?

In Glasgow, we offer the industry’s most advanced laser skin resurfacing technology.

FAQ’s About Periorbital/Under Eye Vein Surgery

Why is there a vein showing under my eye?

Veins under the eyes become prominent for a variety of reasons. Several factors can cause periorbital veins, including genetics, repeated sun exposure, and aging. Skin under the eyes loses its elasticity when it ages, becoming thinner, more delicate, and more visible with veins.

When should I worry about eye veins?

If you have red veins in your whites of the eyes, usually you are fatigued, sleep deprived, or you have a viral infection. A persistent red blood vessel pattern could indicate an infection or medical condition.

Can stress cause eye veins?

An eye redness is often caused by a subconjunctival haemorrhage. In most cases, it is caused by an increase in blood pressure due to stress, both physical and mental, though it can also indicate an underlying vascular illness.

Who is suitable for under eye vein surgery?

Any person that suffers with thread veins, spider veins, under eye veins, blood spots and broken veins. The treatment is not suitable for people that have Hepatitis B, blood disorders and heart conditions – particularly if you are taking warfarin (blood thinners). It is also not advisable if you suffer diabetes, skin diseases and allergies.

Periorbital/Under Eye Vein Surgery Consultation

The therapists at Ever Clinic will have to assess the veins under your eye(s) and take specific measurements. This is where we will decide if you require the surgery or not. 

Periorbital/Under Eye Vein Photos

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