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Here at Ever Clinic, we offer industry-leading laser skin resurfacing for patients near Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.  Laser skin resurfacing is the procedure of removing the outer layers of the skin from your face.  This procedure is proven to help reverse the natural ageing process.  As the best skin and laser clinic near you, we only offer the best Fully Ablative laser skin resurfacing near Edinburgh and the results are long-lasting.  If you’re looking to remove wrinkles, tighten the skin and improve elasticity, this could be the ideal treatment for you. Call or contact us today to book your initial consultation.

Too appropriately and safely treat, surgical grade lasers are required. At Ever Clinic we only use Sciton Joule X and Lumenis Ultrapulse. These are incredibly expensive machines, costing around £130k each, with the technology to delivery the correct level of ablation to achieve a result the patient is happy with. Other machines such as the C02RE, Deka Smartide and Alma Pixel are cheaper aesthetic grade lasers which require little or no skill to operate and are vastly underpowered so unable to provide a satisfactory level of result. Have a look at some of the before and afters on our website along with the short video of the procedure to decide for yourself.

A special type of local anaesthetic is used for this facial laser surgery procedure. Lax skin around the eyes and wrinkles can also be treated to achieve a more youthful appearance. Very few surgeons can perform what Dr Cormac can. He performs remarkable skin rejuvenation.

There is one major advantage of this procedure: it is permanent. As soon as the healing process is complete, you are left with your new skin. In contrast to other cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers, Botox, or even fractional resurfacing, this procedure does not require repetition. Taking good care of the skin will result in long-lasting results for many years before anything else needs to be done.

Price £3995

Consultation £100

What’s the step by step procedure for this treatment?
Step 1

Before we go ahead with any treatments or procedures, it’s important for Dr Cormac and the team to meet new patients in person for a consultation.  This consultation is essential to ensure the treatment is deemed appropriate for the patient.  If all is agreed and good to go ahead, Dr Cormac will then proceed to book you in for an appointment at a date and time that best suits you.  Dr Cormac will also prescribe you with a prophylaxis medication which should be used post procedure.

Step 2

Before laser skin resurfacing near Edinburgh takes place, Dr Cormac will answer any resounding or unanswered questions that you have.  It’s important that you’re 100% sure of possible side effects, procedures and aftercare even though these will all be explained in step 1.  If you’re then ready to go ahead, Dr Cormac will ask you to sign a consent form.  Antiviral tablets and a sedative will then be offered alongside a local anaesthetic.  Pre-surgery photos will then be taken so we can show you the before and after photos and the difference the procedure has made for your face.

Step 3

The anaesthetic may take up to 45 minutes to perform and then settle.  Once settled, we’ll then take you into our procedure room where you’ll be prepared for laser skin resurfacing.  For anyone receiving facial treatment, adhesive eye-shields will be applied.  However, if treatment around the eye area is to be performed, patients will need to undertake anaesthetic eyedrops applied with mental contact lenses inserted.

Step 4

In step 4, the treatment will be complete and Dr Cormac will remove all protective eyewear.  It’s very common for the face to feel very hot immediately after treatment and it should be noted that this sensation can last up to 24 hours.

FAQ’s About Laser Resurfacing Treatments in Edinburgh

What are the potential risks and side effects of this treatment?

Like the majority of laser skin procedures, there are some potential risks and side effects that should be noted.  These side effects are normally very mild in the vast majority of patients and they include redness and swelling around the treated areas, scarring and itching.

What's the best way to prepare before the procedure?

Before you have laser skin resurfacing in Edinburgh, Dr Cormac will arrange an initial consultation where we’ll go through your medical history and your expectations before treatment.  It may also be advised to avoid unprotected sun exposure and reduce smoking before treatment.  Dr Cormac will give you thorough instructions on how to best prepare for the treatment.

What is the most common age for laser skin resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing can be done at almost any age.  If you have moderately to severely damaged skin and you’re looking to restore confidence and self-esteem, this could be the ideal treatment for you.  The treatment is often performed to help patients with skin damage from ageing, sun exposure and acne scarring.

When will I see the benefits and results?

It’s common that patients will gradually continue to improve for month with results becoming more and more apparent.  Generally speaking, it takes between 3-6 months to see full results from laser skin resurfacing.  All will be discussed in the initial consultation to help manage patient expectations better from the very start.

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