Laser Hair Removal

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Hair Removal

Ever Clinic offers the Gmax Pro laser machine, the preferred laser of the NHS, offering multiple options to allow the most effective treatment for your skin and hair type. This will save you time and money and affording you the freedom the wear what you want and when you want.


Hair Removal Essentials


  • Recommended course of up to six treatments
  • For most patients they experience dramatic reduction in hair growth after two sessions
  • Gmax Pro is an incredibly powerful laser 
  • Anywhere on the body can be treated to make your body hair a thing of the past.


Upper lip – £35
Underarms – £50
Hollywood – £110
Half Leg – £150
Full Leg – £180

25% discount when block of six booked on treatments more than £500 in value and paid in advance

questions about laser hair removal answered

does laser hair removal hurt?

Laser hair removal isn’t painful, and certainly doesn’t hurt as much as waxing! Depending on the area being treated it may feel like tiny pinpricks for a very small amount of time but you couldn’t really describe it as painful. The benefits of laser hair removal over waxing or shaving far outway any slight discomfort you may or may not experience. The affected skin may be a little red and tender for a couple of days after the treatment but the process itself doesn’t hurt.

Are there any side effects of laser hair removal?

Occasionally there can be some side effects but most are minor and temporary. Short-lived symptoms such as redness or swelling look similar to those following plucking or waxing but the swelling and redness usually subside within a few hours. A cool bath or an ice pack may help.

An inconvenient but otherwise minor side effect could be the crusting in the affected area which could potentially lead to a slight scabbing or even in rare occasions, scarring. These symptoms can, however, be avoided by taking proper care of the treated area. The Ever Clinic Glasgow team will advise on the best way to take care of your skin after a treatment.

is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal treatment does significantly reduce hair growth however, it rarely achieves permanent hair removal. You are likely to be hair free for a few months following your first treatment allowing you to wear what you want when you want; however, the hairs will eventually grow back but will be less likely to be noticed than before. Laser hair removal is more effective on dark hair because laser lights are attracted to this colour. It is not often successful on light hair and again, our Glasgow team will advise on this.