i-PRF - knee arthritis

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i-PRF knee arthritis


There are many treatments available to help with the ache of arthritic joints. Many are prescribed by your NHS Doctor or available over the counter. For some people these treatments can help control the pain until it becomes necessary to have a joint replacement.

Ever Clinic is proud to be the only clinic in Scotland offering a revolutionary new treatment not available on the NHS. I-PRF (Injectable platelet rich fibrin) is a growth factor and stem-cell rich product of our own blood. It is prepared by taking blood from your own arm, spinning it in a centrifuge, extracting the I-PRF fraction and injecting it into the affected joint. Evidence has shown that, in the months following treatment, most patients experience a significant reduction in pain as well as new cartilage growth in the joints treated.

To be eligible for this treatment prospective patients must meet the following criteria;

  • Not scheduled for any surgery
  • Not be on any immunosuppressant
  • Not have a significant bleeding tendency
  • Not be undergoing cancer treatment

Following treatment, Ever Clinic will regularly track your progress using recognised outcome measures.

What are the results of i-PRF ?


New fibroblasts, collagen and elastin tissues are formed. Skin elasticity and complexion is improved and pigmentation is reduced.

Hair Treatment

Hair regrowth and thicker hair.

Joint Treatments

Reduced pain, improved function/performance and cartilage regrowth.

Prices (Per Treatments)

i-PRF treatments £400 *

*Part of a clinical protocol

Based on a strong evidence base, and thanks to Dr Joseph Choukroun; the inventor of iPRF technology, we are supporting the development of this technology to further assist our patients.