Fully Ablative Laser Resurfacing in Merchant City, Glasgow

Fully Ablative Laser Resurfacing is a skin removal technique performed by Ever Clinic in Glasgow. It is by far the most powerful skin rejuvenation technique for facial skin.

It completely renews your facial skin, removes wrinkles, helps to tighten the skin (which removes laxity), and also improves skin thickness and elasticity

There are very few laser surgeons worldwide who are qualified and experienced to perform this procedure, and Ever Clinic is one of the few that has performed numerous cases in this area.

Our clinic uses Sciton Joule X Erbium YAG laser and Lumenis Ultrapulse CO2. With these lasers, we can achieve superior skin resurfacing results.

Permanent results are one of the biggest advantages of this procedure. As soon as healing has been completed, you will be left with your new skin.

Unlike dermal fillers or BotoxTM, the procedure does not need to be repeated. Clients can expect their results to last for many years as long as they take care of their skin.


  • Price £3995
  • Consultation £100

Your questions about Fully Ablative Laser Resurfacing answered

What is fully ablative laser resurfacing?

In the ablative CO2 skin resurfacing procedure, the epidermis is removed to stimulate collagen production and to tighten the skin. Face, neck, décolletage, hands, and lips can all benefit from this procedure.

Is CO2 laser fully ablative?

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) laser resurfacing is the grade A treatment for skin resurfacing. It can be either fully ablative or fractionally (partially) ablative, where all or certain sections of the skin will be treated. This treatment in particular though is fully ablative (thus the name).

Is fully ablative laser resurfacing safe?

Quite simply, yes. Due to the removal of the entire top layer of skin, the risks are higher with a fully ablative laser, which tends to result in a longer recovery period.

How long does it take to heal from fully ablative laser resurfacing?

Your skin usually heals completely in two to four weeks. A new layer of skin covers the wounds after two weeks. In most cases, after about two weeks, patients can use makeup to conceal their skin tone. After the procedures, the skin can remain pink and red for many months afterwards.

How long does laser resurfacing last for?

A laser skin resurfacing procedure typically yields results that last between three and five years. Long-term results are possible for patients.

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