Frown & Forehead Lines

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Frown Lines

Some of us frown, some of us frown a lot!

Those that do will tend to be more affected by frown lines. Especially those of us with fair skin who could be better at applying sun-protection.

What’s that you say.. “Sun, in Scotland?”.

Actually the sun’s rays pass through our thick clouds and damage the skin anyway. So sun-protection is important even with our climate.

A frown is causes by activation of our glabellar complex. Multiple muscles depress our inner brow, something that is important during our occasional day of sunshine.Regular use of this muscle complex gives us what are often referred to as our “11’s”.

Wrinkle relaxing injections finds its commonest use here. Not only can it make a significant reduction in these lines but there is now evidence that it can actually treat depression!

Forehead Lines

Forehead lines are caused by use of the muscle that raises the brow. Some individuals use these muscles more than others and, along with sun-damage and cigarette smoking, this causes formation of deeper lines as we age.

It is important that your practitioner is able to properly assess you and verify that use of prescription only medicine is appropriate and in your best interest. Unfortunately, when used in the wrong patient, the brow can drop, resulting in difficulty seeing out! Of course your practitioner will guide about different areas as they have an effect on each other.

Before, after 7 days & after 14 days of anti wrinkle injections for frown lines

*Results will vary from person to person

Prices to treat frown & forehead lines

1 area – £140

2 areas – £180

3 areas – £220

4 areas – £260

*Please add an additional £50 if treated by Dr Cormac