FaceTite Treatment in Merchant City, Glasgow

This is the most advanced non surgical facial contouring and skin tightening treatment, rivalling that of a facelift.

At Ever Clinic you will be treated by highly experienced Cosmetic Doctors who deliver a high standard of patient care in our state-of-the-art modern clinic. The FaceTite treatment provides dramatic improvement in skin laxity and sagging on face and neck with usually only one treatment needed.

Areas can be treated effectively with FaceTite:

  • Sagging jowls
  • Double Chin
  • Lifting cheeks
  • Jawline contouring
  • Re-contouring the face and neck by removing excess fat
  • Tightening the neck skin for neck wrinkles and turkey neck
  • Improving fine lines and wrinkles

FaceTite results are similar to face or neck lift surgery, but without the need for major surgeries or scars to deal with. Results can be seen immediately, with best results notice- able at 6 months and the results last similar to surgery which is up to 10 years.

A light aspiration to remove some liquidified fat from neck or jaw line can be combined to achieved faster and better results in those needed.

Following the FaceTite procedure the skin itself can easily be treated while still numb from the anaesthetic with Mor- pheus 8, micro-needling Radio Frequency, to achieve an improved result with skin remodelling to remove any fine lines& wrinkles and maximum skin tightening effect. This will be discussed with your doctor at your consultation.

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£1750  – Facetite Only Lower Face And Neck
£3395 – Facetite And 3 Sessions Of Morpheus8

Why FaceTite?

The FaceTite treatment provides dramatic improvement in skin laxity and sagging on face and neck with usually only one treatment needed.

FAQ’s About FaceTite treatment

What you should expect after FaceTiteTM treatment?
  • You should expect to feel swollen for the next two to four weeks.
  • The face and neck will feel tender for the first week but can last longer in a small number of patients.
  • It’s very common to feel numb in the areas treated. This is a temporary effect of the heating of the nerves in the skin during the procedure. The numbness can take a number of months to resolve completely and most pa- tients aren’t affected by it.
  • There will usually be small dense lumps under the skin, especially in the neck, which can be felt but aren’t usu- ally visible following the treatment. Think of it as ‘spot welding’ of the skin to a newer, tighter and lifted posi- tion. They are sighs of subcutaneous tissue heating, and will keep contracting as they smooth over the 2-3 months following the treatment.
What is the aftercare advice following FaceTiteTM?
  • The compression garment is recommended to wear for a minimum three days to help minimise the swelling. Af- ter the three days it can be beneficial to wear at night for the following two weeks to help reduce any swelling.
  • The treated areas needs to be kept clean and dry and makeup is best avoided for the first week. Sun screen should be worn at all times following the procedure when outdoors. The course of antibiotics prescribed should be taken as directed by your doctor.
When will I see the results?
  • The skin is seen to contract up to 40% of the total amount it will contract during the actual FaceTiteTM treatment. As with all fat reducing treatments, the re- sults can take time.
  • Usually good results are seen by 3-4 months, but con- traction of the skin will continue up to a year after treatment. The maximum results typically can be seen after 6 months. Some patients have seen a continued contraction and lifting of the skin for up to 18 months.
Can I have other cosmetic treatments following Face- TiteTM?
Morpheus 8 Microneedling Radio frequency treatment is recommended to help achieve even better result at 2 and 4 months after.
It is possible to have other treatments, such as dermal fillers and Botox, once the swelling has resolved. We normally suggest waiting at least a month following FaceTiteTM before considering other treatments. Massage and beauty facials are best avoided in the first month following treatment.
What are the risks and complications?
  • Bruising can occur but is not common and usually re- solves within the first 1-2 weeks.
  • Swelling is common and usually resolves within two to four weeks post treatment, this can differ between pa- tients.
  • Infection is possible but rare. This is why the treatment is done by trained professionals in a clinical environ- ment.
  • Numbness is common due to bruising of the nerves and usually completely resolves within 2-3 months. Perma- nent nerve damage is a risk, but thankfully is extremely rare
  • Burns and scarring are possible as with any treatment that involves heating the tissues. With care and experi- ence, though, this is very rare.
  • Post treatment the insertion points are closed with steri- strips and dressings. A compression band is applied for three continuous days.
How soon I can see the results and how long it will last?
The result is immediate and continue to improve up to one year. the longevity of the result up to 10 years which is simi- lar to face and neck lift surgery.
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