Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Ageing brings about a deterioration in our skin elasticity and our muscles begin to relax which can result in the upper eyelids appearing hooded. For some patients this can often come with a build up of fast which contributes towards the appearance of tiredness and or ‘bags’ underneath the eyes. Genetics may play a prominent role in the development of saggy skin, alternatively it can also be attributed to stress or unfavourable sleeping patterns over a sustained period of time.

At Ever Clinic we perform our eyelid surgery with a state-of-the-art surgical laser, the Lumenis Ultrapulse. The difference between laser surgery and traditional ‘scalpel’ surgery, other than the tool being used to remove the tissues, is a cleaner result and significantly less bleeding coupled with a potentially quicker healing time.

Ever Clinic are one of only a handful of providers of this special laser surgery in the UK and are pioneering it’s use as the better alternative to traditional scalpel led surgery.

Eyelid surgery is performed at our state of the art City Centre Glasgow clinic by Dr Cormac, and the team will provide you with the best level of care before, during and after your treatment.

Consultation £100

Price £1895

FAQ’s About Eyelid Surgery

What is the recovery like?

A successful procedure can take 1-3 weeks to recover from.

What are the risks?

Local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia can be used for eyelid surgery. In the case of lower eyelid surgery, we recommend that patients stay in the hospital overnight.

It is also possible to suffer from deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism while under general anaesthesia, but it is extremely rare. The risk of chest infection is also associated with general anaesthesia.

Eyelid surgery has the following specific risks:

  • A minor amount of bleeding is common immediately after surgery, but can be controlled with simple pressure.
  • There is a possibility of bruises and it varies from patient to patient. Within ten days, the problem is usually resolved.
  • There is always the possibility of unfavourable scarring, however, the scars usually settle well after surgery on the eyelids. Depending on the scar, some can be red and thickened and may settle down after six months.
  • Patients who already suffer from dry eyes before surgery may experience worse outcomes – often a sign that surgery should not be performed in the first place.
  • Watering and grittiness – Usually temporary.
  • It is very important to avoid overcorrection as this can lead to pulling on the lower lid or difficulty closing the eyes. Remaining skin may sometimes need to be removed during further surgery.
  • Ectropion – When the eyelid no longer rests on the globe (because too much skin has been removed or because of infection) – causing watering and redness that is challenging to resolve. The lower eyelid is tightened to support the lower eyelid to minimise the chances of this complication.
  • There is a small percentage of the general population with minor eyelid asymmetry. As a result of eyelid surgery, the findings are the same.
  • Resulting from bleeding behind the eye that is not treated promptly, blindness is an extremely rare condition (1 in 30,000 patients).

Patients with an unsatisfactory outcome may require further revisional surgery if they are unsatisfied with the result.

What to expect?

Discomfort/ Pain

Most patients do not experience pain after surgery. During the first few days, you may experience some discomfort, but it will get better each day.

Bruising/ swelling

In the first few days, you may experience swelling around your eyes and bruising. One week should be enough for most swellings and bruises to disappear. It may take up to two weeks for subtle swellings and bruises to subside.

Sticky eyes 

When you wake up in the morning, your eyes may feel a bit sticky and crusty. One week usually suffices for this to settle.


One to two weeks may pass before the eyelids begin to swell and bruise.

Your eyes may water for several weeks.

The time it takes for scars to settle varies. Redness can persist for a long time in some cases.

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