Award recognises Dr Convery’s ‘breathtaking results’ with patients who had given up on the NHS


Dr Cormac Convery, Medical Director of Glasgow-based Ever Clinic, the private aesthetics clinic which has brought new hope to patients let down by the NHS, has been awarded The Crown Aesthetics Award for Best Non-Surgical Result at the highly regarded annual Aesthetics Awards 2024.


In a ceremony held on Saturday 16 March at Grosvenor House in central London, judges said the results of his work were ‘breathtaking’ and that he was ‘the overwhelming winner’.

The Award recognised “the medical aesthetic nurse, doctor, dentist or surgeon in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Ireland who has created the best non-surgical aesthetic result over the past year.

“The practitioner may have utilised any type of non-surgical treatment, individually or in combination with others, to create the result over either one or multiple sessions. Surgery should not be a contributing factor to the end result.”


Dr Convery’s award winning work centred on his treatment of patient’s suffering from the disfiguring nasal condition, rhinophyma, a major problem for a particular section of the population, which is largely ignored by most of Scotland’s health sector.


Ever Clinic’s Managing Director, Jonathan Toye, said: “this award recognises the important work Cormac has undertaken to battle rhinophyma which, in our opinion, is not a cosmetic issue. Rather, for patients, it is very much a mental health issue. People currently will often wait two to three years to be told by the NHS that nothing can be done for them.”


Dr Convery said: “I am pleased to win this award which is also a tribute to the entire team at Ever Clinic without whom I would be unable to carry out my work”.

Ever Clinic, Scotland’s leading skin, scarring and anti-aging centre, was co-founded in 2017 by Mr Toye and Dr Convery, a former Senior Honorary Lecturer at Barts and The Royal London School of Medicine, who performs more than 1,000 specialist procedures a year. He is also vice president of the not-for-profit Complications in Medical Aesthetics Collaborative (CMAC), which was established in 2020 to maximise safety in clinical practice.


The Glasgow-based Clinic has distinguished itself by transitioning from being initially aesthetics-centred to offering patients treatments which are unavailable on the NHS and providing life-altering solutions to intractable physical issues.


Its awards progress coincides with another dramatic increase in turnover last year, when revenues rose by 17.5%, illustrating the increase in public awareness about the game-changing solutions offered by the innovative clinic.


Ever Clinic has also distinguished itself from its competitors by continuing to invest heavily in cutting-edge technologies, such as DermaV which addresses a wide range of skin concerns, including scars, stretch marks, and pigmented and vascular lesions. Another system they use is Lutronic PicoPlus, which is the gold standard for tattoo removal and has achieved stellar results internationally in pigmentation treatment.


The clinic now encourages a holistic approach to its work, focusing on the patient as a whole. Services include laser resurfacing, acne and medical scar treatment, dermal fillers, xanthelasma, rhinophyma and mole removal.



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