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As we age our temples begin to hollow and it can certainly be the last thing we think about when considering considering or undergoing an aesthetic procedure.

Very rarely does any practitioner or clinic have a request to treat temples and at Ever Clinic we treat them after they’ve been brought up in the consultation and discussed with the patient.

Treating temples is an incredibly advanced procedure and should only be carried out by expert medical practitioners. Ever Clinic’s team have intricate knowledge of all the relevant anatomy and use evidence-based ways of maximising your safety. Additionally we use Ultrasound to carry this procedure out, so we know EXACTLY where your critical anatomy lays, allowing us to see where the needle is and removes the high risk of “blind” injecting and the associated unsavoury outcomes.

Temple Essentials

  • The most under requested aesthetic procedure, but the singular most ageing facial feature.
  • One of the most advanced aesthetic procedures
  • Should be carried out under Ultrasound for maximum safety

£400 per syringe

Temple volume restoration
What are temple fillers?

Injecting temple fillers is like a mini-facelift by reinvigorating the temples. Their treatment involves the use of a biodegradable hyaluronic acid (HA) gel for restoring volume and moisture to the temporal area.

    What does filler in temples do?

    Wrinkles are reduced. The temple area can be enlarged with dermal fillers and plumped up. The skin around the temples, eyes, and forehead can be stretched out and wrinkles will be reduced. Since you produce this substance naturally, hyaluronic acid is ideal for this purpose.

      Can you have fillers in your temples?

      The fillers used in temples last for a long time. Though they are not permanent, they provide long-term results. Up to two years can be achieved with some filler options. Having maintenance injections can help you keep up the results after the filler has broken down.

        Do temple fillers make you look younger?

        A hyaluronic acid injection around the temple area replaces lost volume and enhances facial structure. These will be carefully applied to complement your facial shape, for natural, effective results that can help you look younger.

          Does temple filler bruise?

          Temple dermal fillers: side effects and risks. Bruising is a common occurrence. Headaches are common after temple fillers.

            Does temple filler cause swelling?

            Fillers for the temples may be less likely to cause swelling. It is therefore a bit more difficult to see swelling when the filler is placed below or above bone or cartilage. The swelling and bruising may still be present, but it shouldn’t be too severe.

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