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There is a common term for these hollows under the eyes called “tear troughs”. The depressions/creases are usually located directly below the eye, above the cheek. It is common for patients to express concern about feeling tired or having dark circles after receiving this treatment.

Medical practitioners should only treat tear troughs as a highly complex procedure. The Ever Clinic’s team is well-versed in all aspects of anatomy and utilizes evidence-based procedures to maximize your safety. Immediately after treatment, you will notice the difference.

Essentials for tear troughs

  • Most people find eyes to be the most attractive feature on their face
  • The treatment of the Tear Trough can reduce fatigue in the patient
  • We recommend cannulas as the safest technique

£325 per syringe

localised Fully ablative co2 resurfacing £2000

What is a tear trough filler?

Tear trough fillers are injectable treatments that are used under the eyes to fill the tear trough. Basically, the aim of using this type of treatment is to add volume to the area below the eyelids.

It is usually a product made with hyaluronic acid that is used because it is generally more efficient than any other substance. There is a natural substance in your body called hyaluronic acid that resembles gel. In a few short weeks, hyaluronic acid can significantly increase fullness and reduce indentations in the skin after injection.

Are tear trough fillers safe?

The fillers used in tear troughs are relatively safe. The ability to do this without involving fat grafting or fat repositioning also makes them a less invasive procedure than tear trough surgery.

However, the effects of filling the tear trough are only temporary. It takes approximately a year for the effects to wear off. To maintain the desired results you will have to undergo repeated treatments.

It is quite common to use tear trough fillers in conjunction with other procedures.

Is tear trough filler painful?

It is rare for patients of this procedure to report very much pain associated with the treatment of the tear troughs. Small injections may cause a little discomfort at first, but once the pain has subsided, it is easy to bear. Patients have often remarked that the pain of the treatment was less than what they expected.

Does tear trough filler get rid of bags?

Yes, there are tear trough fillers that are extremely effective in treating dark circles, eye bags and hollows under the eyes. You may consider having a blepharoplasty if you have severe eye bags around your eyes.

What are the benefits of tear trough filler?
Skin under the eyes is strengthened with tear trough fillers. As they cover inflamed and dark blood vessels, they can reduce the look of dark circles, making you look less tired and generally more awake.
Can tear trough go away naturally?

Stress will go away once you’ve gotten enough rest and you’ve relieved the pressure. A darkening or hollowing out of the tear troughs can be permanent due to age and sometimes heredity.

Do tear trough fillers make you look younger?

In addition to plumping up and smoothing out the area around your eye, we can also minimize shadows beneath your eyes utilizing hyaluronic dermal fillers. You will have younger, fresher eyes and your confidence in appearance will be restored.

Are tear trough fillers permanent?

In addition to plumping up and smoothing out the area around your eye, we can also minimise shadows beneath your eyes utilising hyaluronic dermal fillers. You will have younger, fresher eyes and your confidence in appearance will be restored.

What causes dark tear troughs?

The tear trough deformity occurs when there is a deficiency in volume at the junction of the lower eyelid and cheek, rather than an excess of skin darkening. There is a sense of fatigue or ageing to this appearance, and these characteristics may be dissatisfying.

Does tear trough help crows feet?

Skin creping, sagging, dark circles, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines are all targets of this treatment. Thickening the thin skin under the eye and correcting issues with the opening of the eye, such as hooding, can also be accomplished using this treatment.

Are tear troughs genetic?

It’s not uncommon for tear troughs to appear in childhood and are often genetic. The reason for this is usually a connection between the tear trough skin and orbital bone.

Can tear trough filler go lumpy?

Often, fillers under the eyes appear lumpy after the procedure. Over the next two to three weeks, the lumpy appearance generally improves. In the event that lumpiness persists after a few weeks, our specialists will likely recommend massaging the area.

Can I sleep on my side after tear trough filler?

Dermal fillers can settle differently when pressure is applied to your skin, which will adversely affect the results of your treatment. Sleeping on your side, rubbing your skin, and stroking your face can be all methods of applying pressure.

Does drinking water help fillers?

Hydrating your skin and enhancing the effect of hyaluronic acid fillers can be achieved by drinking plenty of water. Depending on your filler type, we may be able to suggest skin care products that complement the results of your treatment.

Can I have coffee after fillers?

Up to 24-48 hours after treatment, it is recommended to avoid the following is recommended to avoid:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Niacin supplement
  • High-sodium food
  • High sugar foods
  • Spicy foods
  • Cigarettes

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