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Nose fillers in Glasgow – do you need our expertise?

Fillers can be used in the nose to assist with irregularities that are prominent in the profile appearance, helping to create a straight and more balanced nose.

Using dermal filler in the nose is an incredibly advanced procedure. Ever Clinic’s Dr Cormac has an intricate knowledge of the relevant anatomy as well as the multiple evidence-based ways in which to maximise the procedure.  Furthermore, we also offer various other dermal fillers including lip fillers.

This treatment is ONLY done under ultrasound guidance to increase the safety of the procedure. 

Nose Filler Essentials

  • Known either as “non-surgical rhinoplasty” or “non-surgical nose job”
  • Great for altering the nasal profile
  • Small volume – big result
  • Expert level treatment – don’t just see anyone!

Price for treatment – £400

Assessment and ultrasound scan* – £300

 *Assessment includes 3D photography

Nose Fillers Glasgow

FAQ’s About Nose Filler Treatments

Who is not a suitable candidate for nose fillers?

Nose fillers – also referred to as rhinoplasty – are largely effective and best for making minor alterations and changes to the nose. If you’re looking for treatment or a way to drastically reduce the size of your nose, this is not the treatment for you. It’s true that nose fillers can help to plump out points of the nose to manipulate its shape. However, drastic alterations are not what nose fillers provide.

It should also be noted that if you have an allergy to any ingredients in the filler, treatment will not go ahead under any circumstances. Furthermore, if the current state of your skin is irritated, infected or swollen, it’s best to wait for it to heal in order to achieve the best results.

How safe are nose fillers?

Nose fillers are extremely safe when delivered by a fully-trained practitioner. Precise outcomes for the individual can be managed and expectations clearly outlined before the treatment. It’s important to note that results of nose fillers are NOT permanent and will dissolve over time without a new injection after a sustained period of time.

Although nose fillers are deemed to be really safe, it’s important to acknowledge the possible risks. These risks include allergic reactions, infections, bruising and possible damage to the skin. It’s important for the team at Ever Clinic to make you aware of all possible risks. However, we can assure you that you’re in the safest hands as we’ve recently been voted the best clinic in Scotland for 2019.

Nonsurgical v traditional rhinoplasty

The clear distinction between non surgical and traditional rhinoplasty is the fact that nonsurgical should only be used if you’re intrigued to see how your nose would look after slight alterations and modifications. If you’re looking for something in the complete opposite direction and to fully manipulate and change the size of your nose, the traditional method should be seriously considered.

With nonsurgical rhinoplasty, there are many benefits. Firstly, the cost of this type of treatment, compared to traditional methods, are significantly lower. Secondly, you’ll have a speed recovery with this treatment. In fact, you should be able to carry on with normal activities the same or the next day. However, we will consult you after treatment about this advise what’s best for the individual.

How are the fillers injected?

Here at Ever Clinic, we’re the specialist team you need when it comes to nose fillers in Glasgow. Nose fillers – also known as nonsurgical rhinoplasty – targets the bridge, tip and the sides of your nose. This is the safest and most effective route for our specialists to inject and better modify the shape. The procedure works particularly well if you lift the tip of your nose and smooth out the small bumps.

What are the potential side effects?

For most people treated, you’ll be glad to know that minimal side effects are experienced. With nose fillers, the majority of people treated will only experience a little redness and sensitivity around the area of the injection. This should pass in its own time two or three days after treatment.

Other possible side effects that you MAY experience can also include nausea, swelling and bruising. If you’re unsure of the likelihood of these side effects showing up and you want to seek additional guidance, we’re happy to take a call from you and put your mind at ease.

What is the recovery time?

After having nose filler treatments, it’s very common for patients to experience bruising and swelling.  How quickly you recover from this may vary from individual to individual depending on a few factors such as how strict you are with the aftercare instructions given to your by our practitioners.  Our team will give you a detailed aftercare plan so that you can make the quickest recovery possible.

How long does the enhancement last?

Nose fillers can last anywhere between 6-12 months.  The duration of how long your enhancement will last may vary depending on a few lifestyle choices and if you have previously had nose filler treatment.  Once the dermal filler is injected, we have no control over how long the filler lasts.  Factors that may shorten the duration of the enhancement also include poor diets, smoking and large muscle mass which will be different in every patient.

How do I know if this is right for me?

This type of treatment may be ideal for you if you are currently unhappy with the shape or size of your nose.  Many patients that have visited us have been unhappy with their noses for years and our nose filler treatments have been able to give them a new found confidence in their every day lives.  As always with all our treatments, we will invite you for a thorough consultation where we can discuss all requirements, potential side effects and any concerns.

What Is The best aftercare?

Here at Ever Clinic, we will always give you the best aftercare instructions that you can follow step by step. Patient care is our number one priority.  Dr Cormac and our medical practitioners will give you an aftercare plan that will reduce any bruising or swelling.  We highly advise all patients to avoid extreme heat and sunbeds for 2-3 weeks after treatment.

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