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Lip Fillers Glasgow

Ever Clinic offer exceptional lip filler treatments in Glasgow. At Ever Clinic, we understand the importance of natural looking lips that suit your face and compliment your features. Every lip filler procedure undertaken at Ever Clinic is individually designed to you.

Your medical professional will take you through a consultation to understand exactly what your expectations and desires are, helping us achieve optimal outcomes. Local anaesthetic will be applied to ensure maximal comfort.


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  • Aging lips lose their youthful fullness
  • Some lips are small
  • Lips, after eyes, are the most beautiful facial feature
  • Nicely shaped, full lips are a delight to behold!
  • Optimal results call for an artists eye, a surgeon’s hand…and a professional who is prepared to say ‘No’


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1ml £220

0.7ml £175 

0.5ml £155

Client Testimonials

I was in yesterday for lip filler with Dr Cormac. He was very professional and made me feel relaxed throughout. He asked me what I would like to achieve and explained what he was doing throughout the procedure. My lips became quite oedematous post treatment (always happens to me with lip fillers!). However, now the swelling is reducing, my lips are looking absolutely fantastic. I’ve been to a few places for lip fillers but this is by far the best volume and symmetry my lips have ever had. I’ve also not lost my natural shape – something which I was desperate to keep. So just a big thank you to Dr Cormac for doing such a great job. Caitlin on the desk was lovely also I’ll be back for a top up later in the year!

Natalie O'Donnell

Lip Fillers at Ever Clinic

First time getting lip fillers and I could not be happier. Danielle went through absolutely everything with me and covered any questions or concerns I had before I even had to ask. I’ve had nothing but compliments and will definitely be back to get them topped up! Wouldn’t go anywhere else and couldn’t recommend Danielle enough!

Sophie Kerr

Lip Fillers at Ever Clinic

Been to the clinic 3 times for lip fillers by Danielle! Can not recommend Danielle enough she’s amazing at her job my lips are perfect and gradually getting to the size and shape I want them! Danielle always makes me feel comfortable and at ease! Wouldn’t go anywhere else.. by far the best

Rosie Travers

Lip Fillers at Ever Clinic

“Came in on Tuesday to visit Caron as she’d been highly recommended by several friends. Before my appointment we had been chatting backwards and forwards about the procedure as my lips were uneven from a different injector, which left me feeling really unhappy and self conscious. Caron has completely transformed my lips and smile, words can’t express the difference she has made! I will never visit anyone else apart from this girl and loads of people have commented on how amazing they look! Thank you so much for all your help xxx”.

Cheryl Hannaway

Lip Fillers at Ever Clinic

“My first time at the clinic and I couldn’t be more happy. Dr Cormac nailed my lip correction, it’s not 100% perfect yet but for a first treatment it is amazing. I have been to four different practitioners over the years and not one has corrected my uneven lips (even though I have asked) and of course due to filler the more I got the more noticeable it became. I am so thankful to Dr Cormac, he’s the best around”.

Lauren Maley

Lip Fillers at Ever Clinic

“I had my lips done by Caron on Monday and I’ve never been so happy with them! She was so patient and professional, answering all my questions and telling my every piece of information on every aspect of the treatment! I am 1000% gonna be getting Caron to do my lips again and would recommend her to everyone, thank you so much Caron I love them!”.

Heather Binnie

Lip Fillers at Ever Clinic

All Your Questions Answered About Lip Fillers Glasgow

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are medical products containing Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which are injected with the intention to either: a) enhance / give additional volume in younger people, or b) restore volume that has been lost in older people.

Why do People have Lip Fillers?
Plump, full lips have long been associated with beauty and youthfulness. Over the last few years, the trend has been for larger lips, with some people preferring extremely large lips.
Some people, even in youth, have small or thin lips. Because the average lip is now bigger, people with naturally small, thin lips notice! It’s no surprise that they are some of those most frequently requesting augmentation.
Of course, with age, we lose volume in the lips. While growing older is not something we can control, looking older is something we can! Lip filler procedures are quite simple and, when done by someone with appropriate training, very safe.
Is it painful to have lip fillers?
Lips are, as we know, very sensitive. This is why we offer the options of numbing cream or numbing injections before a treatment. All of our lip filler products actually contain lidocaine to ease the procedure and we use the smallest needle possible. Most of our patients report they are more than happy to put up with the minor discomfort to get the results that they see.
How does Ever Clinic do the lip fillers?
We always focus on the patient perspective. To start, we do a health assessment to make sure it is medically appropriate to consider a treatment (there are some medical issues which would make us advise against a treatment). Then we guide the patient regarding the best treatment approach – this will include guidance on volume requested. There are many different techniques and many different products, so we have a discussion with the patient and agree on the best option for any given individual.
Are there any side effects to having lip fillers?
We counsel patients to expect temporary numbness from the anaesthetic as well as swelling which may last up to a few days. There is also, of course, the possibility of bruising – this may be less if a cannula (long, flexible, blunt needle) technique is used. Any patient who has ever had cold-sores must be given a prescription for tablets to prevent a cold-sore outbreak.

Other situation may arise much less commonly. These include:
  • infection
  • lumps
  • rarely, filler can be injected into a blood vessel (this must be managed urgently by the clinician)
Are lip fillers permanent?
No, it is not recommended to use permanent fillers in the lips (or elsewhere for that matter)
How long do lips take to settle down once they have been filled?
Lips usually settle within 48 hours. It can be much more quickly than that but occasionally swelling can persist for a few days.
What happens if I’m not happy with my lips once they’ve been filled?
Because treatments are usually done using Hyaluronic Acid (HA), the product can be dissolved. In the early stages, it can even be physically removed. And of course additional volume may provide the result the patient wishes. Thankfully most patients are happy with their result and see their treatment as a journey where adjustments take place once or twice per year.
Are lip enhancements the same as having lip fillers?
Lip enhancement will usually involve the use of lip fillers but may also include use of ‘Botox’ around the mouth, thread-based treatment to improve the shape and lift the lips, and also treatments that improve the skin around the lips (the ‘white’ lip).
Will my smokers lines disappear if I have my lips filled?
It is true that smokers lines tend to soften by treating the lips. But actually smokers lines are caused, in part, by damaged skin and overactive muscles, so full treatment may include other options like using tiny doses of ‘Botox’ and also treatments to improve the skin.
Do I need to have both lips filled?
An assessment will guide what treatment is required for the desired result. We sometimes get asked to just fill the top lip. This can be very un-natural, especially ‘side-on’, and we will advise you on how to get the most beautiful result. This has been established over many centuries with formulas dating back to Leonardo DaVinci and before. We may politely refuse to provide a treatment we believe is not going to provide a beautiful result.
What is the most popular area of the lips to get filled and what different results can I expect?
It is difficult to generalise because there are a variety of lip shapes. It is usually recommended to enhance the shape of the individual patient’s lips rather than trying to change them. Ultimately, we can either define the lips, or volumise them. The upper lip is all about the shape and beautification of the ‘cupid’s bow’ is key. The lower lip should be bigger (in Europeans) and the outline shouldn’t be as sharp as the ‘white roll’ of the upper lip. When treating lips, it really helps to have an artistic eye and ensure the result is in harmony with the rest of the face.
If I get coldsores, can I still have my lips filled?
Being prone to cold-sores doesn’t stop patients having lip filler treatments. UNLESS there is an active outbreak. In that situation, it would be wrong to treat and you should wait until full healing has taken place.

For patients who have a history of cold-sores, we would perform a lip filler treatment and also give a prescription for tablets to take to prevent an outbreak. This is because the injections can occasionally trigger an outbreak of cold-sores and a prescription of tablets (like zovirax, but stronger) can prevent that form happening.
What happens if I decide to stop having fillers? Will my lips go back to how they were originally?
Lip filler volume will gradually fade away over many months as the HA is broken down. Without maintaining the volume enhancement, the lips will, of course, slowly return to their original size.
Are there any risks involved in having lip fillers?
Any medical treatment has some risks. By seeing a trained clinician (Doctor, Dentist or Nurse), your individual risk will be assessed and discussed as with any treatment. This is where the informed consent comes in as it is critical that, as a patient, you understand the risks involved. The majority of procedures have no complications, but when things do go wrong, it is essential to be in the hands of someone who can recognise and then treat the issue. Hyaluronic Acid (HA), as noted above, can be dissolved and this makes lip filler treatment (in capable hands) a much safer procedure.
Do lip fillers have an immediate effect?
Lip fillers provide an immediate volume enhancement. Treatment is associated with an element of trauma and swelling which is usually mild, but sometimes a bit scary. Usually within 24-48 hours, the full result is seen.
How long do the results last for?
Results vary depending on the product used and how quickly it is broken down. Some people do find that it breaks down more quickly and, for these patients, there is little that the doctor or nurse can do other than repeat the treatment a bit more frequently. Over the last few years, product development has given us options that do tend to last longer but we usually advise that patients don’t expect longer than 6 months form a treatment.
Is there anyway of making them last longer?
We have tried everything to maximise how long the volume will last. Ultimately the lips are continually in motion and this does make the product break down a bit more quickly. Compare this with the nose which, of course, doesn’t move – filler here can last up to 3 yrs!One of our favourite products is the RHA range, with RHA2 and 3 being used for lips. These products are designed for mobile areas and as such appear to last longer.
How often will I need more treatment?
It is impossible to advise exactly on this. Rarely, we see people who seem to need a repeat treatment after 3 months, while others have a maintained volume after 1yr. The average person will need a repeat after around 6 months but this will vary depending on expectations. There is, of course, the additional factor of getting used to larger lips. They can start to feel ‘normal’ and some people seek more and more volume. We will, of course, guide our patients on this aspect and they usually reflect on photographs and realise their lips are still nicely full. This scenario is, apparently, a bit like getting a new hair-style and then becoming used to it.
Will my lips still be sensitive?
Lips are always sensitive and people don’t really get used to having treatment. But when patients have seen the benefit of previous treatment, they’re usually more than happy to have further treatments.
What are the chance of my lip fillers going wrong?
It is very difficult to give a risk for this. It depends on the knowledge and training of the person administering the treatment. And the health of the patient, whether they take blood-thinning medication.. Correct assessment, selection, procedures and product makes it, overall, a very safe procedure.
Does it need to be a doctor to fill my lips?
The law is such that ANYONE can legally administer lip fillers. But people who don’t have training, knowledge and clinical experience will be more likely to find issues during or after the treatment. And while lip-filler isn’t a prescription only medicine (PoM), anything used to remedy a complication WILL require a prescription.
So best to have a Doctor, Dentist or Nurse administer a lip filler.
What’s the best filler to use?
There is no such thing a THE BEST FILLER. There are many choices and many excellent ones. The best option is the one that your clinician feels most comfortable using and had good results from.
Why do you have different products listed? Can you explain which ones you use and for what?
As noted above, we provide an individual service, aiming to provide the ideal result. As such, different treatment and product options are required. A younger lady may wish to have the maximum volume and fullness. As such, we may use a product like ‘Kiss’ which has been designed with this aim. A slightly older lady may seek a subtle volume restoration. Such a patient may receive RHA2 which gives a beautiful, soft, natural restoration.
What are the differences between each product?
There are a vast number of different product options.We have selected a few that we believe provide excellent choices, and which are popular with our patients. In terms of how products differ:

  • They may or may not be made with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – WE ONLY STOCK HA
  • They may or may not contain lidocaine (numbing agent) – WE RECOMMEND USING ONE THAT DOES
  • They vary in concentration which makes a filler ‘softer’ or ‘firmer’ – FIRMER FILLERS WILL VOLUMISE MORE BUT CAN FEEL MORE LUMPY