Jaw & Chin Augmentation in Merchant City, Glasgow

There are many reasons why our patients opt for this procedure; some feel their is jawline undefined or sagging and their chin may be recessed or “weak”. Dermal filler in this area can improve the overall appearance of this helping to create a much more desirable front and side profile.

Jaw & Chin Essentials

  • A strong jawline is youthful and attractive
  • Chin projection is a key feature in a beautiful profile
  • Exceptional results call for an artist’s eye, a surgeon’s hand…and the care of a professional who is prepared to say “no”.

£325 per syringe

Dermal fillers are used to augment the jawline. What is this procedure?

Fillers are used to enhance the chin by replacing lost volume by injecting hyaluronic acid gels. By strategically injecting filler into the chosen area, we can help regain lost volume and lift the area while smoothing out lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing.

Does dermal filler last long in the jaw?

Instant results are achieved with jaw fillers. Hyaluronic acid fillers can last up to two years depending on the user. Hydroxylapatite calcium may last up to 15 months.

What is the cost of jaw dermal fillers?

Based on the anatomy and desired result, the amount of jawline filler required will vary. The amount will be affected by the patient’s anatomy and desired result. Patients will respond differently to the product. Some will be satisfied with 2ml, while others need 5-6ml or more. The current cost of dermal filler is £325 per syringe.

What is jaw augmentation filler?

An injection to enhance your jawline and jowls is a fast, non-surgical way to improve your appearance. You may want to consider this treatment if your jawline lacks definition, is asymmetrical, or is beginning to sag as a result of aging or weight loss.

Are fillers good for the jawline?

Dermal fillers help create a well-defined jawline by strategically using them by a skilled doctor. Fillers can be effective in contouring the jawline.

Does jaw filler change your face?

You can alter the shape of your jaw by using jaw fillers. During filler injections, the volume will be increased slightly in the areas that have lost volume. As a result, the skin will move back into place and you will notice less sagging around your jawline.

Does jaw filler hurt?

Small injections are administered along the mandible to apply jawline fillers in multiple locations. There is typically no pain associated with injections or pricks to the skin, although some people may experience moderate discomfort.

What happens after jaw filler?

Dermal fillers are very well tolerated in the jaw area, and these treatments are generally very safe. The swelling that may occur can be less noticeable than the swelling from dermal fillers in some parts of the face (such as after lip fillers). There may be bruising that lasts up to 10 days after injections.

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