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We provide cheek fillers in Glasgow at Ever Clinic. The loss of facial volume is less evident on a young face. Often, patients want a contoured look that can only be achieved with makeup to enhance their cheekbones.

With an older patient, volume replacement is required to restore the face’s lost volume. Our clinic in Glasgow offers cheek filler treatments.

Our dermal filler creation procedure is similar to that used in “Facial Volume Loss” in order to achieve the glamorous contoured look that so many desire. Our procedure is pain-free and the results are immediate.

With Ever Clinic, you are sure to achieve your desired results. By partnering with a team that has educated and trained most other practitioners in Scotland and beyond, the Ever Clinic provides a great option. Dermal fillers such as lip and nose fillers are also offered by our practice.

£325 per syringe

Cheek Fillers Glasgow

FAQ’s About Cheek Filler Treatments

Why get cheek fillers?

Compared to other surgical treatments, choosing to have cheek fillers can results in a range of benefits for an individual. Having cheek fillers in Glasgow carries a very minimal risk of serious complications or infection. As well as this, cheek fillers will also help you to look younger.

Furthermore, cheek fillers are generally a lot less expensive than more invasive plastic surgery alternatives. The results can last for months and even years sometimes depending on a few variable factors such as the individual’s metabolic rate, the area of injection and density.

How long do cheek fillers last?

Here at Ever Clinic, we see it as our duty to be incredibly transparent and open with all patients. When it comes to the longevity of our treatments, we’re no different. The average amount of time cheek fillers last can be anywhere between six month and two years. The time length may depend on the type of injections selected for the treatment.

The dermal filler does eventually dissolve after a certain amount of time. Therefore, if you’re looking to sustain the physical appearance that dermal fillers help you attain, you will have to book another consultation whenever you’re ready.

How long do they take to settle?

As with all dermal fillers, cheek fillers can sometimes take up to two weeks to properly settle. Although results are almost immediately visible after treatment, cheek fillers can take two weeks to reach their full effect and volume. If follow-up appointments are needed after treatment for any reason, our team will always do our best to see you at the most suitable time for you. 

Much of the fullness that patients see within the first one 1-2 weeks is actually the swelling from the treatment. After treatment is complete, our specialists will be sure to give you an individual and tailored after-care plan to best looking after yourself and manage swelling pro-actively.

What age is the best age to get cheek fillers?

Legally, you’re allowed to get cheek fillers from 18 years of age. However, especially with really young people, we always make sure that it’s for the right reasons and that it’s within their best interest to have the treatment. Patients that have had work done with us vary from all different ages, from late teens to 60’s.

Dermal fillers are generally more popular within the 40 to 50 age range. This is no surprise as this is where the ageing process starts to speed up and escalate. Wrinkles can start to be more prominent and patients look for ways to control and manage the ageing process, as well as looking younger.

What's the purpose of cheek fillers?

The purpose of cheek fillers in Glasgow are to help people increase facial volume and enhance cheekbones. Creating that contoured and glamorous look, our specialists use cheek fillers to help our patients feel better about themselves, regain confidence and look younger.  As we were voted the best Clinic in Scotland for 2019, we can assure you that you’ll get only the best results with us.

As well as cheek fillers helping to add volume back to the face – that time may have taken – they also help to create contouring and definition that fill out wrinkles around the mouth, jawline and the eyes.

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