Injectable Fillers

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a wonderful device for helping us do a wide variety of medical procedures. They allow us to restore lost or replace volume in the face, we can enhance lips, straighten noses and create jaw lines. For anti-ageing and beautification they are our go to tool for helping to turn back the ageing clock and enhance your natural beauty.

Nose Fillers

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty – Change the shape of your nose without going under the knife. Dr Cormac will expertly reshape your nose profile leaving with you with a straighter and much more aesthetically pleasing nose.

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are medical products which are injected to either a) enhance/give additional volume in younger people or b) restore volume that has been lost in older people. Just because you’re growing older, doesn’t mean you need to look older!

Cheek Fillers

Similar to “Facial Volume Loss”, we use dermal fillers to create that glamorous, contoured look you desire. Correctly placed cheek fillers will give a natural and pleasing fullness with instant results and no downtime.

Tear Troughs

If you constantly look tired or have dark shadows under your eyes, licensed dermal fillers can help. Look and feel fresher with instantly noticeable results when you have your tear troughs treated.

Jaw & Chin Augmentation

Following a thorough assessment, our trained consultants will advise how they will artistically use dermal filler to carry out your jaw and chin augmentation. Results are instantaneous and you should expect results to last at least a year.