Cyst Removal in Merchant City, Glasgow

Removal of Cysts are carried out at our Glasgow city centre clinic by Medical Director Dr Cormac. The procedure is straight forward and you would expect it to be complete within 45-60 minutes.

At your consultation, you will meet with Dr Cormac who will examine the area of concern, explain the procedure to you in full before progressing to the treatment itself. Once the Cyst is removed, the area will be stitched and you will be given an appointment in 7-14 days for stitch removal. Aftercare will be explained to you in full before you leave.

We use Ultrasound to diagnose the cyst correctly, before proceeding to removal and then stitches. After stitch removal you will be left with a cosmetically optimal result. Have a look at our treatment story images on this page.

It may also be medically necessary for pathology to be carried out on your cyst. If this is the case Dr Cormac will explain this to you, along with the costs involved.


standard SIZE cyst £600







FAQ’s About Cyst Removal

Is Cyst removal a major surgery?

Cyst removal is a minimally-invasive procedure that can be performed for cosmetic or medical reasons. The cyst can be removed without creating a large surgical scar, making it a convenient cosmetic choice as well. In general, it is a minor surgery that removes a cyst, though the recovery process can vary depending on the type of cyst and the amount of tissue removed.

A cyst is a fluid-filled sac that can occur anywhere in the body, but is most commonly found in areas where there’s an overabundance of connective tissue such as near joints and tendons. Cyst removal surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia as an outpatient, and there are few risks involved.

Minimally-invasive procedures are safe and effective ways to treat many common problems. The term “minimally invasive” refers to a surgical treatment that uses a narrow scope and special instruments to remove or repair a tissue or organ in the body without making large incisions.

What size cyst requires surgery?

Large cysts (5cm to 10 cm) are more likely to require surgical removal compared with smaller cysts. Cysts that are located near the ovary, fallopian tube or uterus may also need surgery. Larger cysts are more likely to require surgery because they carry a higher risk of rupture and can cause more damage.

A CT scan is the best way to determine which cysts will enlarge and become problematic. Usually, your physician will recommend the best treatment plan based on your cyst’s size and location. If your cyst is unlikely to cause any complications, it may be left alone and monitored.

How long does a cyst removal surgery take?

Cyst removal surgery is a straightforward surgical procedure that can be carried out on the scalp, head, face or anywhere. It usually takes between 20 to 45 minutes and is carried out while you are awake using local anaesthetic injections. This depends on the size, location and type of cyst involved.

Although cysts removal may sound scary, it’s actually a simple and straightforward surgical procedure.

You may be asked to stop eating, drinking or even chewing gum the night before your surgery so that the surgeon can examine your mouth thoroughly. It is normal to feel nervous, but you should try and relax as much as possible before your procedure.

Is surgery to remove a cyst painful?

During the surgery, the doctor will mark and numb the skin area around the cyst. The slight discomfort from injections usually takes longer to recover from than the surgery itself, which is painless. After the dermatologist removes the cyst, he or she stitches up your incision, which begins to heal from the inside out.

After the procedure, there may be some swelling or bruising in that area for several days, but this will subside as your body heals. You’ll feel minimal pain during the surgery, then some mild soreness afterward. The stitches will dissolve on their own after about two weeks, leaving you with a cyst-free body.

Can a surgically removed cyst grow back?

It is possible for a surgically removed cyst to grow back. If you have a skin-only cyst, removal is simple and involves numbing your skin followed by a small cut. Your skin surgeon will then squeeze out the protein inside with forceps or suction.

The procedure for removing the cyst will vary depending on its size, location and the condition of your skin. In general, your surgeon will give you an injection of local anesthesia around the area of the cyst and then operate by making a cut in the skin. Then they will insert forceps or other small instruments to grab hold of the sac containing the liquid and remove it through that cut in your skin.

The entire cyst will be removed along with the skin flap and then the remaining tissue will be scraped away. If any part of that lining remains, it can become infected or form another growth at a later time.

If you have been diagnosed with a cyst and your surgeon recommends removing it, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to avoid future growths. Your surgeon may use a local anesthetic or some other painkiller before removing the cyst. Afterward, he or she will likely prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection and watch for signs of healing.

If your cyst is removed and the entire lining has been squeezed out, it’s unlikely that the cyst will grow back. If there are any fragments left, the cyst may recur because the fragments remain to form a germ cell tumor.

Do I require local anaesthetic?

Local anaesthetic will be used which means the area being treated will be numb, but you will be awake. Local anaesthetic is administered by injecting the numbing agent directly around the treatment area.

Will there be any pain following my surgery?

Pain may be experienced after the surgery when the aesthetic wears off but this, if there is any pain at all, will be very mild.

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