Crow's Feet Treatment

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Anti Wrinkle injections for the treatment of Crow’s Feet

One of the most popular uses for wrinkle relaxing treatment, crow’s feet or lateral canthal lines (in medical speak) are especially disliked by ladies. Fair skinned people who smile a lot are unfortunately more likely to get these crow’s feet. And those who smoke and forget sunscreen will be worse affected.  Wrinkle relaxing injections smooth out these lines making them less obvious. Wrinkle relaxing injections smooth out the lines, but if they are very marked to start with then the treatment will soften them rather than making them vanish. For best effect, other treatments, may needed to be combined with wrinkle relaxing to minimise the effect from crow’s feet. Treatments like microneedling, skin-peels and PRP stimulate collagen and improve skin quality.

What are Anti Wrinkle injections?

Botox and Wrinkle Reduction

Anti wrinkles injections are more commonly referred to as “botox”. However just like hot tubs, not all hot tubs are jacuzzi’s and but all jacuzzi’s are hot tubs!

A common misconception about anti-wrinkle injections is that they completely eliminate all lines around the eyes, in between the nose and on the forehead. This is only a partial truth. Dynamic lines are the lines prevalent when we move our face, and static lines are the lines which are present when our face is not in motion. Anti-wrinkle injections directly treat the dynamic lines, and over time will soften the static lines.

In some instances you can be treated on the same day, but for patients new to this treatment, or if there are medical complexities, a “cooling-off period” will usually be recommend, followed by a further planned appointment.

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Before and after images of Treatment of Crow’s Feet


1 area – £140

2 areas – £180

3 areas – £220

4 areas – £260

*Please add an additional £50 if treated by Dr Cormac