Complication Management

Ever Clinic’s Dr Cormac is the Vice-Chair of the international expert group CMAC, which assists in dealing with complications from dermal fillers, botulinum toxin and more. His opinion, advice and guidance is requested worldwide and Ever Clinic are Scotland’s leading centre for complication management.

Ever Clinic are the only clinic, currently, in the UK who use Ultrasound to diagnose and correct dermal filler. Introduced by Dr Cormac, Ultrasound is now recognised as the gold standard for complication management, allowing us to see exactly where the problem is and to accurately dissolve the filler or begin treatment for other complications.

Why do patients request correction of their dermal fillers?

Inexperienced practitioners often create overfilled lips, cheeks, jaw etc. Equally these results in the hands of inexperienced practitioners can result in uneven results, which are aesthetically unappealing, or lumps and bumps which require advanced medical intervention.

If you have had a unsatisfactory dermal filler experience from an inexperienced practitioner, Ever Clinic are on hand to assist.

Read the articles contained within this page to learn about some of the help and expertise Ever Clinic has provided.

Consultation – £100

Ultrasound Scan – £300

Correction – From £350



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