A chance conversation led therapist Lucy Geddie towards a decision to undergo a highly-technical new procedure which has not only sculpted the shape of her face but has also transformed the way she sees herself.


Lucy, 23, a sports massage specialist from Fife, had always been dissatisfied with the proportions of her chin and neck, which she felt formed a diagonal line, rather than a concave curve. She said the condition was a family trait.


The young therapist, who is also undertaking sports studies at university, met Jonathan Toye, Managing Director of the Glasgow-based Ever Clinic, in the course of business and explained her dilemma to him.


Jonathan said that the clinic, one of the leading teams in Scotland for aesthetic medicine, could carry out a relatively simple and painless procedure which would achieve the appearance she had always wanted.


Lucy said: “It was quite a revelation. I had no idea there was a solution to the issues I had with my neck and chin, and when I found out how straightforward it could be, I have to say that I jumped at the chance.”


Jonathan was able to come to Lucy’s aid because Ever Clinic is one of the busiest clinics in the country offering FaceTite technology, which uses the power of radio frequency to heat underneath the skin using a fine cannula, like a long, hollow needle.


The radio frequency delivers a precise dose of energy which has been described as the best non-surgical answer to face and neck lift treatments.


“I arrived at 10 in the morning and I was soon being prepared for the procedure,” said Lucy. “The worst part for me was the numbing injections, since I have always been scared of needles, but I am certainly not scared now.


“Once I was anaesthetised, the FaceTite machine did its work. It was the weirdest thing. I knew exactly what was going on – in fact, I was chatting away – but I couldn’t feel a thing. After a few rest periods, I was out of the clinic by two in the afternoon.”

Determined to carry on as normally as possible, Lucy bravely decided to attend university the following day, though she was still bandaged.


“It was all right as long as I didn’t mind people asking what had been happening to me,” she said. “I wore the dressings all the time for the next three days, then just at home and during the night.


“I felt quite numb, and the numbness did not go away for a couple of months, but that was all explained to me at the clinic, so I knew what to expect. I also was aware that, because my nerves had been poked about a bit, I should expect a little discomfort.


“Now everything is healed and my neck and chin are just the way I’d always envisaged them. I no longer wear a jumper up over my neck, and I don’t need to worry about sitting certain ways. It has helped hugely with the insecurities that I suffered from previously.”

Ever Clinic’s Dr Paige Shaw (pictured below), who carried out Lucy’s procedure, said: “FaceTite is the closest thing to a face lift without the scalpel. It is most effective in tightening the skin around the jowls and chin and tackling stubborn excess fat. And by using a local anaesthetic, patients can go straight home afterwards.”

Lucy, a keen rugby fan, is now working at a local rugby club, doing sports and tissue massage while maintaining her sports studies.


She said: “I’m really interested in the human body and how it works. I want to finish my studies and then go on to do a Masters in Physiotherapy. Then I would like to work in the NHS for a while before specialising in sports-related physio.

“I now feel confident enough to make all this happen.”



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