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There is a type of skin lesion called a “Cherry Angioma” or “Campbell de Morgan” spot. They are named after their distinctive red colour which is the result of damaged or broken blood vessels in the vessels. The lumps can either be flat or raised and can typically be found on the torso, arms, or shoulders – though they are more common on the torso, arms, and shoulders.

Though these are classified as skin lesions, it is important to know that they are benign and do not cause problems unless you irritate them.

It is necessary to seek medical attention for Cherry Angiomas, since they will not disappear by themselves. In our Glasgow clinic, Cherry Angiomas can be removed by laser – Candela’s GMAX Pro – after consulting with Dr Cormac.



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FAQ’s About Cherry Angioma Removal

What is Cherry Angioma Laser Therapy?

Cherry angiomas, which appear on the skin and are made up of blood vessels, can be removed with laser therapy. Candela’s GMAX Pro laser is the advanced technology used for this treatment.

Candela’s GMAX Pro laser for cherry angiomas uses a deep conditioning treatment to clear your skin; this is a good alternative to surgery, which can be costly and have unwanted side effects.

Cherry angiomas are small pink or red skin-colored bumps with a darker center on the neck, cheeks, forehead and scalp. They are common and harmless, but can be removed by laser from our skin care professionals. Candela’s GMAX Pro is a breakthrough in laser treatment, offering a non-invasive way to remove cherry angiomas with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Cherry angiomas are raised, solitary vascular malformations that are most commonly found in the head and neck area. They are small, sometimes painful-looking bumps on the skin. They are often dark red or pink in color, and can appear anywhere on the body. They can grow slowly and may remain stable for long periods of time, but they can also increase in number or size over time. Laser therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for cherry angiomas.

What is a Cherry Angioma?

Red moles, or cherry angiomas, are common skin growths that can develop on most areas of your body. They’re also known as senile angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots. A cherry angioma is a small cluster of blood vessels similar to those found in normal skin. Most cherry angiomas are so small that you wouldn’t notice them unless someone pointed them out to you.

You probably have a few cherry angiomas pop up on your skin each year. They’re often mistaken for moles or birthmarks. If you’ve ever noticed a raised, red bump on your skin that looks like a tiny red dot, you probably have a cherry angioma. This type of mole is common in older adults, especially women.

Cherry angiomas are tiny blood vessels that leak into the skin. They range from barely visible to large and itchy, with most measuring less than one centimeter in diameter.

They’re common and usually painless, but they can cause irritation and discomfort if they grow large enough to rub against clothing, interfere with vision or become inflamed. They usually appear in areas of the body that are uncovered, such as your chest and arms. While they are common, the good news is that you can get rid of them with laser surgery.


What Causes Cherry Angiomas?

The exact cause of red moles (cherry angiomas) is unknown. They’ve been linked to pregnancy, exposure to chemicals and medical conditions, but there may also be a genetic factor that makes certain people more likely to get them.

Red moles are caused by an overgrowth of capillaries in the skin’s outer layers and they can appear anywhere on the body. You may be more likely to develop them if you have a family history of these blood vessels or fair skin. While scientists believe genetics may be a factor, it’s likely that other factors are also at play.

Cherry angiomas, also known as proliferative angioma, are small clusters of red bumps found on the surface of the skin. They can manifest all over your body, but they tend to be particularly common in specific areas, like your face and neck.

How are cherry angiomas treated?

Cherry angiomas aren’t usually treated. However, you can decide to remove them if they’re in an area that gets banged or bumped frequently, which can lead to regular bleeding. Cherry angiomas are usually harmless and don’t pose any health risks. They aren’t usually removed for medical reasons, but if the lesion bleeds often, you might need to have it removed.

One option is excision if it’s in an area that’s easily bumped and can lead to regular bleeding. A dermatologist at Ever Clinic can perform this procedure with local anesthesia.

Can anyone carry out Cherry Angioma Removal?

Doctors should only perform NDYAG laser treatments. Aesthetic Medicine is Dr Cormac’s area of expertise having earned a masters level degree (MSc) in it. During his studies at Queen Mary University of London and Barts and The London’s School of Medicine, where he was awarded a distinction, he took part in various research projects. In addition, he served as the Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer for the same faculty until 2021. As vice-chair of the Complications in Medical Aesthetics Collaborative, he has a keen interest in complications avoidance and management.

Will anaesthetic be required?

Although anaesthesia can be used, it is not strictly necessary when using NDYAG laser. As an additional comfort feature, our GMAX PRO laser also releases a nanoseconds-long cooling agent before it is charged with the laser.

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