Cherry Angioma Removal

There is a type of skin lesion called a “Cherry Angioma” or “Campbell de Morgan” spot. They are named after their distinctive red colour which is the result of damaged or broken blood vessels in the vessels. The lumps can either be flat or raised and can typically be found on the torso, arms, or shoulders – though they are more common on the torso, arms, and shoulders.

Though these are classified as skin lesions, it is important to know that they are benign and do not cause problems unless you irritate them.

It is necessary to seek medical attention for Cherry Angiomas, since they will not disappear by themselves. In our Glasgow clinic, Cherry Angiomas can be removed by laser – Candela’s GMAX Pro – after consulting with Dr Cormac.



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FAQ’s About Cherry Angioma Removal

Can anyone carry out Cherry Angioma Removal?

Doctors should only perform NDYAG laser treatments. Aesthetic Medicine is Dr Cormac’s area of expertise having earned a masters level degree (MSc) in it. During his studies at Queen Mary University of London and Barts and The London’s School of Medicine, where he was awarded a distinction, he took part in various research projects. In addition, he served as the Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer for the same faculty until 2021. As vice-chair of the Complications in Medical Aesthetics Collaborative, he has a keen interest in complications avoidance and management.

Will anaesthetic be required?

Although anaesthesia can be used, it is not strictly necessary when using NDYAG laser. As an additional comfort feature, our GMAX PRO laser also releases a nanoseconds-long cooling agent before it is charged with the laser.

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