Cherry Angioma Removal

Cherry Angiomas or “Campbell de Morgan” spots are a type of skin lesion. Cherry Angiomas get their name from their distinctive red colour which is a result of broken or damaged blood vessels within the. They can either present as flat or raised and are typically found on the torso, arms and or shoulders – however they can appear anywhere.

While classed as a skin lesion, it’s important to be aware that these are benign and are unlikely to cause you any problems, but can bleed if irritated.

Cherry Angiomas will not disappear on their own, medical intervention is required. Following a consultation with Dr Cormac, Cherry Angiomas can be removed in our Glasgow clinic through use of laser – Candela’s GMAX Pro.



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FAQ’s About Cherry Angioma Removal

Can anyone carry out Cherry Angioma Removal?

NDYAG laser should only be carried out by suitably trained Doctors. Dr Cormac, has undergone extensive specialist post-graduate training including a masters level degree (MSc) in Aesthetic Medicine at Queen Mary University of London and the Blizzard institute at Barts and The London’s School of Medicine where he received a distinction. Until 2021 he held the post of Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer on the same faculty. Having a keen interest in complications avoidance and management, he is also vice-chair of Complications in Medical Aesthetics Collaborative.

Will anaesthetic be required?

While anaesthetic can be used, the use of NDYAG laser doesn’t strictly warrant it. In addition our GMAX PRO, shoots a small amount of cooling agent nanoseconds before the laser is shot to help increase the comfort of the treatment.

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