Jaw Contouring

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Jaw Contouring

Jaw contouring is in vogue at the moment. Everyone wants a razor-sharp jawline to go with their beautiful face. There are of course sex and racial variations that need to be considered and a thorough assessment is required to determine which, if any treatment, is best.

Ladies from the orient are particularly keen on having a slim lower face, and these patients, along with those with “masseteric hypertrophy” (enlarged chewing muscles) will be those most commonly offered a treatment using our wrinkle relaxing medication (Botox) due to the fact that it weakens and slowly shrinks muscle.

There may be some others who have an overactive ‘platysma’ muscle, and use of wrinkle relaxing injections can help sharpen the jawline – this is sometimes referred to as a “Nefertiti Lift”.

Your practitioner may recommend that such treatment is combined with some dermal filler, PDO threads, or treatment to improve skin quality.