Crows Feet Treatment

One of the most popular uses for wrinkle relaxing treatment, crow’s feet or lateral canthal lines (in medical speak) are especially disliked by ladies. Fair skinned people who smile a lot are unfortunately more likely to get these lines. And those who smoke and forget sunscreen will be worse affected.

Wrinkle relaxing injections smooth out the lines, but if they are very marked to start with then the treatment will soften them rather than making them vanish.

For best effect, other treatments, may need to be combined with wrinkle relaxing. Treatments like micro-needling, skin-peels and PRP stimulate collagen and improve skin quality.


1 area – £150
2 areas – £200
3 areas – £240
4 areas – £280

Crows Feet Treatment Glasgow
What is crows feet?

Fine lines at the corners of the eyes are known as “crow’s feet”. Since they develop when we smile, they may also be called “smile lines”. If they become permanent features on your face, they can be rather bothersome.

Dermatology treatments are most often sought when the crow’s feet become visible when the face rests. Because these wrinkles are static, they are always visible. The lines appear when you smile only, making them “dynamic wrinkles” and not in need of treatment.

How to get rid of crows feet?

As we age, we develop wrinkles around our eyes that are called Crow’s Feet. Due to the extremely thin skin surrounding the eyes, wrinkles can occur here. Your skin’s elasticity can slowly decline due to constant muscle use.

A doctor may suggest Botox injections after consultation. A common treatment for crow’s feet is botox, a muscle relaxer.

Injecting it into the orbicularis oculi muscle that causes expression lines is a safe and effective procedure. For a period of three to four months, it can prevent skin wrinkles and treat crow’s feet. Injections of Botox may be an option after a consultation with a doctor.

What age do crows feet start to appear?

When does crow’s feet begin to appear? Crow’s feet generally appear between your 30s and 40s, but they may also appear as early as your 20s.

How long does Botox last on crows feet?

Generally, the effects last between three and four months. Your healthcare provider will administer follow-up injections every few months to keep the area around your eyes smooth. The effects of Botox on crow’s feet last at least four months, according to a study of 1,362 patients who used the treatment.

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