Ever Clinic are amongst the first clinics in Scotland that have been specially selected to offer Belkyra. Belkyra is a fat dissolving in injection indicated for the treatment of under chin fat. Belkyra is the gold standard injectable for treating under chin fat, and is made by Allergan. This product is known America as Kybella.

Belkyra is injected under the skin to reduce your double chin without surgery. A course of one to six simple treatments is all you need – walk-in, walk-out, with no bandages or stitches.

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£550 per treatment

Consultation fee £50

FAQ’s about Belkyra

How does it work?

The molecule deoxycholic acid found in Belkyra is a naturally occurring molecule that helps breakdown dietary fat and absorbs it. Belkyra destroys fat cells when it is injected under the chin, resulting in a noticeable reduction in fat under the chin fullness. As soon as these cells are destroyed, they cannot store or accumulate fat, so further treatment is not expected.

Am I suitable for BELKYRA?

Those who feel self-conscious about their chin fat are the best candidates for this procedure. It is possible for patients to feel that way:

  • Feeling heavier or older than you are is a result of the condition.
  • Surgery is not something you want to do.
  • Despite eating well and exercising, you still feel submental fullness.
Who should perform BELKYRA treatments?

Only Doctors and Dentists can use Belkyra, and Allergan will only train and provide the product to these professionals. It is impossible to know where the individual was trained or where the product was sourced when the treatment is being performed by someone who is neither a Doctor nor a Dentist.

How many sessions are required?

The number of treatments required will vary from patient to patient depending on their chin profile. The Ever Clinic’s Dr Cormac will assess you thoroughly and advise you on the number of treatments you are likely to need. A range of one to six treatments are required between each session spaced one month apart.

How much does BELKYRA cost?

Upon consultation with the patient, Dr Cormac will discuss a treatment plan, assuming they are appropriate. Per session BELKYRA is £550.

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