Acne Scarring Stirling

Our Stirling acne scarring treatments are among the best available.

90% of acne sufferers have permanent acne scarring, which can have a significant impact on their daily lives.

A significant investment has been made in the past few years by Ever Clinic to provide acne scarring treatment for patients. To bring the best solutions to the UK, Dr Cormac has completed over two years of theoretical and clinical training under world-renowned experts, including preceptorships in the USA.

In the UK and abroad, Dr Cormac regularly teaches these techniques at conferences and is considered an expert by those with whom he trained.

In addition to the most advanced Erbium: YAG and CO2 ablative lasers in Scotland, Ever Clinic’s experts offer multiple treatment modalities to help reverse acne scarring’s effects.

Our clinic is one of only two in the UK to offer the Taylor Liberator, a device that helps reduce acne scarring. More information can be found here.

During your consultation, your medical professional will discuss your expectations and desires, helping us ensure optimal results. Local anaesthetics will be used to ensure maximum comfort.


Taylor Liberator £1750

Fully Ablative CO2 and erbium Resurfacing £3995



FAQ’s about  Acne Scarring Treatments

What is the cause of acne?

Acne can be caused by four different factors:

  • Chest oil is produced as a result of the face, and back hormones
  • Hormones can also aggravate the problem by clogging the pilosebaceous ducts, leading to comedones (blackheads and whiteheads).
  • The colonisation of the skin by the acne bacterium
  • The factors that contribute to inflammation

The following factors may contribute to acne:

Biological hormones

  • When young women are approaching menstruation, acne tends to worsen.
  • The previous paragraph mentioned PCOS as one of the conditions.

Light from UV sources

Acne may benefit from these


  • Acne excoriate, a condition characterised by scratching as soon as spots appear, may account for this phenomenon.


  • Fresh produce, whole grains, fish, olive oil, and garlic consumption increased.
  • Reduce your consumption of bottled beverages and sugary foods, such as cakes and ice cream


  • Oil-based cosmetics


  • Steroids (tablets and creams)
  • Anabolic steroids

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