A Dumbarton dad eagerly anticipates celebrating Christmas this year following a “life-changing” facial transformation.

Alan Findlay, a 56 year old lighting company employee from Dumbarton had always suffered from hard to treat skin conditions. As an adult he was diagnosed with rosacea, a chronic rash involving the central part of the face. Typically, it tends to affect people with fair skin and blue eyes. There is no real, effective treatment, just creams and antibiotics to keep the condition at bay.


Alan’s rhinophyma, a skin condition affecting the nose in which the skin is thickened, and the sebaceous (oil) glands are enlarged, started to appear in 2018 when he first noticed creases in his nose.


His GP, inexperienced on the condition, referred him, unavailingly, to a skin clinic. To the mass of uninformed bystanders his condition was dismissed as a result of too great a consumption of alcohol, though Alan had never been more than a moderate, social drinker.


As his condition worsened, however, and his nose began to become more and more extended and bloated, he began increasingly to experience feelings of isolation and worthlessness.


Aside from going to his workplace in Glasgow he shunned social activity and kept himself very much to himself and his immediate family. Fortunately, his workmates continued to treat him, as they always had, in a civilized and kindly manner.


Alan, however, began to fall into despair that no one could treat his condition. The wait for plastic surgery was long and the extended treatments offered seemed to involve days, weeks and months away from work.


At length, Alan’s wife, Rowan, decided to take the initiative and undertook research which led her to Glasgow’s Ever Clinic. Alan was first assessed by Dr Cormac in February 2022 and underwent his first procedure, lasting five hours, the following month. A two hour long follow-up in May 2022 completed his course of treatment. After each set of treatment, he took a week off work for his face to recover from the laser surgery.


Today, he is back to the man he was before the onset of his condition. He said: “Few people know that rhinophyma can be treated, but it can, and I would have paid many more times the money I did to resolve it.


“I would like also to pay tribute not only to the professionalism of Dr Cormac, Jonathan and all the team at Ever Clinic, but also to their kindness and care.


“I would not hesitate to recommend anyone suffering from rhinophyma, or any of their loved ones, to contact Ever Clinic to see how they, like me, can get their lives back.”


See our treatment information here: https://everclinic.co.uk/rhinophyma-treatment/

Rhinophyma Treatment Results

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