“Eat less, move more”. These words sum up the overall message every exercise and nutrition book, podcast, DVD and Instagram fitness guru tries to complicate to sell you their ‘revolutionary’ new solution. I can’t begin to tell you how much money I’ve wasted on health magazine’s for men, diet and fitness plans all promising me if I followed it I would have a six pack and slimmer physique in just a few short weeks. Equally I am reluctant to tell you how many Monday’s have been a ‘this is it I’m on a diet and I’m changing my relationship with food’ for me, only to find myself on that same Monday sitting in the KFC car park at 2pm ramming a bargain bucket of chicken wings, large coke and two helpings of fries down my throat because I was starving. And yet sometimes I wonder why I am fat. “Buckets are the kitchen utensils of the farmyard” I hear Billy Connolly bellowing in my ear. “Yes Billy, the bucket is the kitchen utensil of the farmyard but those animals don’t get such tasty food with a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices or a massive helping of gravy, do they?”

It’s so easy, “eat less, move more”, but for whatever reason I could never do it. Hours have been wasted trawling the internet looking for a magic pill or drink that would make me thinner, less repulsive to the opposite sex and more body positive (hours I may add that could have been better spent moving more and eating less). Could efforts to lose weight be hampered by the calorie surplus on offer in every corner store, supermarket checkout and bloody app on my phone? The amount of times I’ve been buying a newspaper, lottery ticket or petrol and come away with a bar of chocolate, crisps and milkshake are staggering. To add insult to injury, when I’m calorie counting, I tend to omit those as calories as ones that don’t count so long as I pretend they never happened. But lets be honest, its not just food. How many of us can honestly say we don’t have more alcohol during the week than most teenagers have in the local park on a Saturday night? Does this scenario seem familar?

“Fancy a bottle of wine babe?”

“Yeah, it’s Monday. I need to take the edge off work today.”

And a tough Tuesday, almost the weekend Wednesday, pretty much the weekend Thursday and TFI Friday. Okay, you might not drink five nights a week, but we are ALL guilty of smashing the Pinot Grigio a bit harder than we should during the week. And they’re all empty calories that spend a moment on the lips and lifetime on the damn hips. What’s a boy to do?

Well this boy went to Dr Cormac at Ever Clinic and lost six pounds in two days and, so far, 22 pounds since October 3rd (article written on October 28th) where the scales showed me weighing in at a ghastly 15 stone 4lb. I’m aware I don’t classify as documentary fat, but it is certainly a weight that makes me uncomfortable about taking my top off at the beach for fear of my moobs being laughed at. 

So what did Dr Cormac do that caused me to drop to a flab-u-less 13 stone 10lb? Firstly talking and being honest about my relationship with food helped massively. I couldn’t hide it anymore. Someone else knew. We started by breaking negative habits and replacing them with positive, non-food related habits that didn’t make me ask a member of staff in TopMan if they had any bigger jean sizes through the back. Coupled with that I was prescribed a drug called Saxenda, more commonly known as the “SkinnyPen”. Don’t worry I’d never heard of it either. Every morning I inject myself with a tiny needle in the tummy with a drug that surpresses my hunger and keeps the flab at bay. In the first two days I lost six pounds. Who loses six pounds in 48 hours? Almost half a stone. Did I move more? No. Did I eat less? Yes! Infact I didn’t even notice how little I was eating until someone pointed it out to me. No Thai Sweet Chilli crisps, no large dairy milk bars, no booze, no milkshakes, no random purchases in the petrol station, no takeouts and no apple pies. What had happened to me?! The combination of Dr Cormac’s guidance, advice and the “SkinnyPen” had finally started me on the journey to being more comfortable in my own skin. 

“It’s too good to be true” I hear you cry. Well look at my before and afters, and more importantly look at the grin on my face when you see me next. This is the grin of someone who has finally found a long term, sustainable and healthy solution to my glutinous relationship with food and the image in my mirror.