What is non-surgical rhinoplasty?

I am increasingly asked about nasal treatments, nose fillers and non surgical rhinoplasty, particularly by patients who don’t like their nose form the side (profile view). The nose may have always been like this, may be as a result of trauma, or there may be a bit of irregularity following nasal surgery or surgical rhinoplasty.

Patients understandably want to avoid surgery due to the cost, the need for a general anaesthetic, and the prolonged healing and recovery time.

While there are limitations to the procedure, it is simple, safe (in the right hands), and lasts approximately a year.

While a variety of dermal fillers can be used, Dr Cormac uses Hyaluronic Acid (HA fillers) as they have excellent properties for use in this area. They volumise, integrate well and are well tolerated. Additionally they are very safe and, on the rare occasions that it may be required, are completely reversible..


It is a short, clinic-based procedure.

Using lidocaine and adrenaline, we reduce the risk of bruising and damage to the delicate blood-supply. The dermal filler also has local anaesthetic for a more comfortable procedure.

Immediately noticable results.

Well tolerated. If minor bruising and redness occurs, it is short-lived and easily covered.

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