In my last blog I spoke about my journey into the world of facial aesthetics and how my views on certain treatments had changed drastically.  Since then I have bitten the bullet and jumped into the treatment chair.  I’m going to share with you my fears versus the reality and how it has left me feeling.

In a New Age world, focus is not only on physical wellbeing but our mental, spiritual and general health all round.  One thing I have worked on ferociously in the past few years is a vast improvement of self esteem and the way I carry myself in the world.  That journey started for me by taking a look at some of the basics.  I gave up alcohol, I bought a Nutribullet blender and started drinking my breakfast (in the form of a nutritious smoothie versus a double shot coffee) and consciously tracked my water intake.  Like so many young women these days, I introduced yoga and daily meditation to my routine, I keep a gratitude journal and made a special effort to cut out gossip from my human interactions.  All these things have radically improved my general health, my outlook on life and the way I have experienced the world and I would recommend them to anyone.  But there was something missing.  I wasn’t totally happy with the way I looked…

I remember hearing Baz Luhrmann’s lyrics telling me to “enjoy the power and beauty of your youth” and he goes on to say “oh never mind, you will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded”.  Those words didn’t mean much to me as a teenager and I let them fly over my head – until I was recently reminded of the point he was making, and it hit home.  Now that I am approaching 28 years old (I know this is by no means a high number by the way) I have started to notice the aging process creeping up on me.  It was exciting for me to discover that there are ways and means (above staying hydrated!) that can help us with this.  Unfortunately, certain celebrities have taken things too far (uh-hum, Kardashians, I’m looking at you!) and have given the aesthetics world a bit of a bad name, with unrealistic and unhealthy beauty standards and the negative influence on young women.  I had let that influence me and injectable treatments were not something I would have considered until I was submerged into the industry and realised there is nothing scary about it.

So, a few days ago I decided to bite the bullet and sit on the other side for a change.  One of our aesthetics practitioners was sat in the clinic just after her last client of the day had left and I asked her “Jade, what would you change about my face?” – she told me (in a very gentle, kind and loving manner) that I would benefit from having a lip enhancement and offered to do the treatment for me there and then.

As I excitedly but nervously jumped up onto the chair here are the questions that were buzzing through my head:

Will it hurt?

Am I going to look too different?

Are my lips going to look big and unnatural?

What will my mother think?! (I can’t help you with that one by the way)

What if I hate the result?

I can honestly say that for someone with such a low pain threshold, I was surprised at how comfortable the whole procedure was!  Jade applied a little bit of anaesthetic numbing cream and once that had taken effect I couldn’t feel much.  The injection points were a tiny bit stingy but nothing to write home about. In fact, I’ve complained more about a papercut.  The whole thing was quick and pretty pain free.

I sat up and looked in the mirror and…INSTANT RESULTS!  Now that I am a fan of, I don’t even like waiting for my Amazon Prime deliveries, so to have an instantly enhanced set of lips made me happy.  And they looked great.  Such a subtle and natural look.  At the Ever Clinic, we use a range of products, depending on what look the client wants to achieve.  Jade knew I was after a subtle change and selected her syringe appropriately.  The aftercare advice was simple – don’t wear make up for 6 hours and keep them hydrated (remember, dermal fillers love water so another reason to keep your water bottle close).  That night as I was moisturising, I noticed a few bruises had come up around the injection points (I really do bruise like a peach) but by the time I had woken up in the morning they were gone.  They aren’t too big, they don’t look unnatural, I posted a selfie on Instagram and my Mum liked it!!  I’m absolutely in love with the result.  I was honestly shocked at HOW much of a confidence boost it has been for me.  The next day I was walking with my head held higher and with a big old smile on my face.  I spoke to a cute guy at the coffee shop down the road and did it like an absolute boss!!

So my first experience was a great one! I can’t stop looking at my new and improved face and my camera roll is already full of selfies.  With a healthy balance of good skin care, focus on our general wellbeing and healthy lifestyle choices, and access to these kinds of confidence boosting treatments, I reckon we will be able to take over the word.

“Who runs the world?…”