My name is Caitlin and I am brand new to the world of facial aesthetics.  I started working for Ever Clinic two months ago after uprooting my life in England and moving to Glasgow for a fresh start (a slightly premature “New Year, New Me” move!).  It’s been a huge change of scenery and with my new life came an exciting new job (the story of how I landed it is one for another day).  In this blog I’m going to share how it felt for me to break into this brand-new world and how it has opened my eyes and mind!

I am 27 years old and I think that lands me in the category of “millennial” and we all know that millennials have opinions galore!  Well, that was me.  I had a preconceived idea of what Botox and lip fillers did for a person – they made them all look like a Kardashian, right?  Not something I personally found appealing. I was wrong!! Since starting my employment with this new and aspiring clinic in Glasgow’s East End, my views on these particular facial aesthetic treatments (and so many more!) have changed dramatically.

Now, I’ve always been a person to take pride in my appearance but for some reason, before I had been exposed to the world of dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing, it wasn’t something I would have considered – I would colour my hair, yes. I’d wear fake tan and make up and make regular trips to the nail salon, but with injectables I had drawn an invisible line.  I like to think this didn’t come from a place of judgement but rather the way that the media had influenced my thinking about these types of procedures.  It only takes a couple of Louis Theroux documentaries on plastic surgery addicts to put me off, thank you very much!

But the reality is so, so different.  The first day I met the aesthetic nurses at Ever Clinic I was blown away by their beauty (externally and internally – the team here are incredible people!).  They all looked flawless and carried themselves with the kind of confidence I admire in other people.  These women (and men) were friendly, kind and bubbly and funny and NONE of them looked like a Kardashian.

As I started to learn more about the treatments that were on offer here and how they are designed to enhance the notable features that we already have, and to learn that some of the treatments are great for skin health, the more appealing this world became to me. Here are some things that I have learned:

  • Those dark hollow voids under your eyes that make you look exhausted? – yep, they can fix that (they are called your tear troughs by the way). A small amount (1ml) of filler under the eye can freshen up your whole face!!  There is less need for make up so you can “get up and go” in the morning.  What an eye opener – literally!
  • Botox isn’t permanent. I always thought that once you started wrinkle relaxing treatments, you would have to continue for the rest of your days otherwise your face would droop and fall out of shape.  Turns out that what these injections do is temporarily stop the repetitive movements of your face which create the wrinkles so they don’t deepen.  Your face still moves like a face should and if you decide to stop having these injections (although I don’t know why you would!) nothing drastic happens at all.

A small amount in the cheeks can go a long way! Cheek enhancements!! WHO KNEW!? I’ve been trying to master the make-up-contour for years now and watch countless Instagram tutorials on how to achieve that more angular and defined cheekbone look (with a gazillion products).  Well guess what, they can do that too!! By injecting dermal filler into the cheek area, the whole face is lifted and this not only gives you a better looking, more defined cheek, but can sort out other problem areas such as jowls or nasolabial folds (the line that appears between the nose and mouth).

One of the most common things I hear at patient consultations is “I don’t want to look unnatural” and “I don’t want people to know I’ve had work done”.  They were my thoughts too initially.  But now I know that the aim here at Ever Clinic is to help people become the best versions of themselves.  To enhance the beauty they already have and subsequently make them feel happy, confident and comfortable in their own skin!  As Hailee Steinfeld tells us “it’s okay to change the body that you came in, ‘cause you look greatest when you feel like a damn queen” – yes, Hailee!!

If you had the same idea of facial rejuvenation that I did, it’s time to discard your old ideas.  You can give one of us a call at the clinic to have a chat about suitable treatments, or pop in to say hi and have a chat with one of the syringe wizards!